CPP Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The online certification course will be available in 2022. As physicians become certified, they will be added to a directory on the Bureau’s webpage.

We expect the online training curriculum to be available in 2022. 

Physician Questions

The exact fees are still under discussion but will likely increase the amount physicians receive for (1) an initial workers’ compensation examination and evaluation, (2) follow-up visits, and (3) completing the C-30A, final medical report form.

Yes. The physician must pass a comprehensive multiple-choice test.

Additionally, physicians must be certified in impairment rating methodology from an approved organization. Each of these approved organizations has its own competency test for impairment rating methodology.

Physicians who have been appointed to the MIR Registry, because they have already had approved impairment training, do not need to provide additional proof of impairment rating training for appointment to the Certified Physician Program Registry. 

Since the course is online and self-paced, it will be accessible at the physician’s convenience. Course progress will be saved, so the physician will be able to continue from the last module completed.

The training is offered online and will likely take a total of eight or nine hours, not including the time required for the comprehensive tests.

Training topics include determining causation and permanent impairment, navigating the Tennessee workers’ compensation system, helping injured workers return to work, assigning maximum medical improvement and work limitations, following treatment guidelines, understanding court processes, practicing effective office and billing processes, communicating with the case manager and return-to-work coordinators, conducting independent medical examinations, and submitting utilization review appeals. 

Instructors for the CPP course include physicians, judges, and staff from the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.