CPP Benefits

Benefits of Being a Bureau-Certified Physician

Certified Physicians will receive:

  1. More exposure to the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation System. The names and specialties of certified physicians will be published on the Bureau’s website, providing a directory of workers’ compensation physicians where none has existed previously. Employers and their workers’ compensation insurance carriers will have access to a network of trained physicians who accept workers’ compensation patients.
  2. Enhanced fees for completing forms and reports.
  3. Greater confidence that they have the knowledge and resources to meet the challenges associated with bringing workers’ compensation patients into their practices.
  4. Continuing Medical Education Credits.
  5. Training that satisfies requirements for seeking appointment to the Medical Impairment Rating Registry.

Benefits of Utilizing a Bureau-Certified Physician

Bureau-Certified Physicians:

  1. Accept workers’ compensation patients, so creating physician panels is easier for employers.
  2. Are formally trained and knowledgeable in the tasks that workers’ compensation requires of them, such as how to assign causation, work restrictions, and permanent impairment.
  3. Are easy to find, since their names and specialties are posted on the Bureau’s website.
  4. May lower workers’ compensation costs. Certified physicians will set goals and expectations early in the treatment timeline, so that injured workers will return to work as soon as possible. A quicker return to work leads to better overall health outcomes and lower treatment and disability costs.