Medical Treatment Guidelines and Drug Formulary

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The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has adopted the Work Loss Data Institute ODG® Guidelines as the criteria used to determine the recommended treatments for injured workers in the state of Tennessee. The Treatment Guidelines are guidelines and not mandates, so that their use after January 1, 2016, is appropriate and supports their intended goal of an accessible, transparent and single reference for judging the medical necessity of the recommended treatments. For subscription information to the complete ODG®, which includes data on return to work, ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT® coding and cross-references, cost and claims data, and criteria for treatment considerations, go to

Tennessee-specific Comments and Advisories to the ODG® Treatment Guidelines:

At the direction of the Administrator, the Medical Director may, from time to time, post considered comments and observations about the ODG® Treatment Guidelines from Tennessee physicians, chiropractors, providers, and specialists. These are intended to facilitate conversation about the best practices and treatments for injured workers in this state. These comments and observations are to be considered by Utilization Review Organizations and physician reviewers in making decisions concerning Tennessee Injured Workers whose diagnoses are affected. Please forward any comments or suggestions to the Medical Director.

View information about the Drug Formulary.


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