Monday, August 03, 2020 | 12:27pm

1.      Purchasing a license directly provides for future generations of hunters, anglers, and all those that enjoy wildlife. With more than 325 species of fish, 89 mammals, 61 reptiles, 70 amphibians, and 340+ birds known to inhabit or migrate through Tennessee, hunters, and anglers help provide for the care and management of these species for use and enjoyment by future generations.

2.      License dollars protect and provide for the use and long-term management of over 100 Wildlife Management Areas and Refuges and over one million acres across the state, 29 major reservoirs 19,000 miles of rivers and streams, and thousands of smaller lakes and ponds. Proper land management ensures habitat longevity for numerous species.

3.      Purchasing a license allows for the harvest of fish and game. With a resurgence in locally grown or harvested food, hunters and anglers can provide for themselves and their families throughout the year. There’s a great feeling when you know where your food comes from and be part of the process.

4.      Purchasing a hunting and fishing license creates time for family and friends. Anyone that has spent time fishing or hunting knows of the stories told around the dinner table. Memories are made by enjoying time and connecting with loved ones. There’s no better way than to sit shoulder to shoulder in the outdoors.

5.       Purchasing a hunting and fishing license keeps you healthy. We all know outdoor activities lower blood pressure and promote healthy lifestyles. Regardless if it’s time on the water, fishing from the bank or sitting in a blind, hunters and anglers know of the relaxing, healing qualities of nature.

6.      BONUS REASON! Pass on the legacy and knowledge. Knowledge of the weather, water, land, and wildlife is fading in the U.S. By teaching outdoor skills you are ensuring our heritage continues. Hunting and fishing skills empower and enlighten. Teaching ensures others will support and ensure.