Top Five Reasons to Turkey Hunt in Tennessee

Tuesday, June 02, 2020 | 10:44am

The Top Five Reasons to Turkey Hunt in Tennessee

1. Great numbers - Tennessee is in the top ten states with the largest estimated wild turkey populations and the most annual birds harvested. In fact, Tennessee turkey hunters have taken an average of 33,320 birds per year for the last five seasons and set a new harvest record of over 40,000 this year.

2. Good bag limits - Even with a new reduced bag limit of 3 bearded turkeys per season, Tennessee affords hunters plenty of opportunities to chase wild turkeys.

3. Long season – A 6-week season for most of the state offers time to fit a hunting trip into your schedule.

4. Affordably priced - A 7-day non-resident hunting license is $214.50 and gives a hunter the opportunity to harvest 3 birds in a one-week trip. That’s a good bang for your buck!

5. Plenty of room to roam – Tennessee boasts over 120 Wildlife Management Areas, most of which have a spring turkey hunting season (additional WMA permits apply).  For the more adventurous type, consider the Cherokee National Forest with over 650,000 acres giving you as close to a wilderness hunting experience as you’ll find.