2024 Tennessee Spring Turkey Harvest Reported

Monday, June 10, 2024 | 10:10am

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has compiled statistics from the state’s recently completed 2024 spring wild turkey hunting season. The total reported harvest is 31,647, down 155 (1 percent decrease) from 2023 and a 5 percent decrease over the previous 5-year average (33,202).

Like last year, the youth and opening weekends posted high harvest numbers. “This year, we started off with a strong harvest but again it dropped sharply as the season progressed,” said Roger Shields, TWRA Wild Turkey Program Coordinator. “The steep drop-off in harvest that followed exceptional opening weekends was likely due in part to the 2-bird bag limit in place again this year where people had filled their bag limit and could not continue hunting.”

A total of 25,479 hunters reported harvesting at least one turkey, 12 percent greater than the 5-year average of successful hunters. One turkey was harvested by 76 percent of the successful hunters and two birds were harvested by 24 percent of the successful hunters. There were 28,830 gobblers, 2,534 jakes, and 161 bearded hens taken.

Middle Tennessee (TWRA Region II) and West Tennessee (TWRA Region I) each saw increases in harvests. Region II had 11,961 turkeys harvested, 255 more than last year and Region I had 8,304 harvests, 472 more than in 2023. The Upper Cumberland (Region III) had 5,860 harvests, a decline of 297 and East Tennessee (Region IV) had 5,567 harvests, 583 less than last year.

The 2025 spring turkey season will be held April 12-May 25. The Young Sportsman Hunt is the weekend of April 5-6.