Rules, Policy, & Governance Committee

January 26, 2023


January 26, 2023

2:00 pm


Davy Crockett Tower Conference Room 1-B 500 James Robertson Pkwy Nashville, TN Livestream - Pursuant to T.C.A. 8-44-108, this meeting is accessible to the public for participation.


I. Welcome
Terence Patterson, Committee Chair

        - Roll Call
        - Review of Agenda
        - Approval of Prior Minutes

II. Commission Policy Updates- First Reading
Ashley Thomas, General Counsel
        - 1.100- Commission Members
        - 1.300- Commission Personnel
        - 3.600- Renewal of Commission-Authorized Charter Agreements

Commission Policy Updates- Final Reading
        - 3.700- School Performance Framework (Clean)  

        -3.700- School Performance Framework (Redline)

III. Commission Rule Update
Ashley Thomas, General Counsel

           - Withdrawal of TPCSC Rule Amendments

IV. Commission Officer Elections

V. Closing Discussion and Adjournment
Terence Patterson, Committee Chair