Awards and Honors

2001: Frederick Harris

2002: Reginald D. Taylor

2004: Drew Farmer

2006: Tierra French

2008: John Little, III

2009: Alonzo Coleman

2010: Geronn Moore

2013: Drake Dudley

2014: Edward Johnson

2015: Quayshaun Crowder

2016: Roman Comer

2019: Aiden Lee Reece

2023: Kunia Pullen, Joshua Weaver, Preston Yokley-Owens

2024: Rubymae Buttler, Cameron Carver, Logan Thomas and Brandon Washington

TCCY awarded its first Senator Douglas Henry Award to Senator Henry in 2014. Henry, who passed in March 2017, was the longest serving member of the Tennessee legislature. He was first elected to the state House in 1954, voters later sent Henry to the state Senate in 1970 where he served until 2014. While serving in the state Senate, Henry sponsored important legislation for children, often being called the General Assembly’s “Patron Saint of Children,” by leaders in child advocacy.

2014: Douglas Henry

2015: Judge Dwight Stokes

2016: Deputy Governor Jim Henry

2017: Mary Rolando

2018: Judge Doug Overbey

2019: Mayor A.C. Wharton

2020: Judge Michael Meise

2021: Carla Snodgrass

2022: Judge Sheila Calloway

2024: Mayor AJ Massey and Mayor Scott Conger

 The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (TCCY) awarded its first Jim Pryor Child Advocacy Award posthumously to Jim Pryor in March 1995. Pryor, who passed away in May of 1994, was a member of TCCY and an outstanding advocate for children. He was an attorney, a former assistant district attorney, a member of the state Child Sexual Abuse Task Force, and an active member of the Northeast Regional Council on Children and Youth.

1995: Jim Pryor

1996: Art Masker

1997: Tommy Perkins

1998: Ann Ince and Steve Jones

1999: May Shayne

2000: Trudy Hughes and Sandi Fisher

2001: Merril Harris

2002: George Spain

2003: Phil Acord

2004: Emmy Haney

2005: Jody Roberts

2006: Linda Moynihan

2007: Marilyn Davis

2008: Betty Rasberry

2009: Joetta Yarbro

2010: Connie Hall Givens

2011: Dr. Timothy Perry

2012: Cindy Durham

2013: Judge Betty Adams

2014: James Martin

2015: Barbara Holden Nixon

2016: Bonnie Beneke and Jan Dick

2017: Loraine Lucinski

2018: Matt Timm

2019: Kristen Rector

2020: Kathy Benedetto

2021: Sandra Allen

2022: Matthew Marshall

2023: Blair Taylor

2024: Dr. Michele Moser

TCCY awarded its first Linda O’Neal Lifetime Achievement Award to Linda O’Neal in 2018, the year she retired. O’Neal joined the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth as it’s executive director in 1988, the year it was formed by the Tennessee General Assembly. For the next three decades she dedicated herself to serving children and families in Tennessee. Outside of her duties to TCCY O’Neal also served as a Girl Scout leader for 13 years and served on a wide variety of national, state, and local boards and committees focused on policy and services to children and families in Tennessee.  

2018: Linda O’Neal

2019: Debbie Miller

2020: Phil Acord

2021: Judy Graham

2022: Stewart Clifton

2023: Karen Franklin

2024: Carol Westlake

2021: Matthew Marshall

2022: Becky Haas

2023: Ronda Paulson and Dr. Stephen W. Patrick

2024: Julie Flannery and Sherry Mahar

TCCY awarded its first John Seigenthaler Media Award to Jamie Satterfield in 2001. This award recognizes journalists, newspapers, radio and television stations, new media producers and other members of the media whose contributions have educated and enlightened Tennesseans about the problems and issues of children in Tennessee.  Seigenthaler, who passed away in July 2014 was a legendary Tennessee journalist and fierce advocate for racial equity, and defender of the First Amendment. Affiliates and organizations named in this list represent the entire organization or company who recieved this prestigous award. 

2001: Jamie Satterfield

2002: Richard Locker, Paula Wade, Penny Bandy, Laura Long Martin, Anna Garber, David Carroll

2003: Jill Thomas, Bradley Martin, May Dean Eberling, WLJT TV

2004: Ashely Heher,

2005: Cheryl Tatum, Dwight Lewis,

2006: Judith R. Tackett, Sue Lasky, Dorinda Carter, David Sutherland

2007: The Mountain Press

2008: Kara Covington & Larry Aldridge, The Commercial Appeal – Memphis, Aaron Solomon & Jeremy Finley, WPTY Channel 24 – Memphis,

2009: Liz Engel, The Tennessean, Emily Bregel  

2010: Sherri Gardner-Howell, The Tennessean, Mary Reeves, Brian Mosely, Sadie Fower

2011: Shirley Nanney, Joel Washburn, Beth Curley, Bruce Moore

2012: Amye Wright, Beth Warren, Beth Curley, Kevin Crane, Mary Makley

2014: John Seigenthaler, Tony Gonzalez,

2015: Tom Humphrey, Rachel Kenney, Scott Wilson

2016: Lori Tucker, Kristen Farley, David Waters,

2017: Cindy Sexton, Jerome Wright, Anita Wadhwani, Daniel Birman

2018: Dolly Parton

2019: Larry Bowers, Lynette Wagster, Our Kids

2020: Mike Osborne, Mearl Purvis, Anita Wadhwani, Chalkbeat, The Peds Pod Podcast

2021: Tennessee Department of Health

2022: Cole Sullivan

2023: Ben Hall

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