GI Bill-Active Duty Chapter 30

An education program that applies to veterans who served on active duty or AGR, served two or three years, had pay reduced by $1,200, and received an honorable discharge.

Have qualifying active duty service on or after 1 JUL 1985 or AGR service after 29 NOV 1989.

  • Complete two years on Active Duty or AGR (Title 10/32) for 80% rate.
  • Complete three years on Active Duty or AGR (Title 10/32) for 100% rate.
  • Must complete 24 months before use
  • Complete a mobilization of at least two continuous years (730 days), or complete 20 months of a 730 day mobilization and be discharged at the convenience of the government.

Have pay reduced by $1,200

  • If you are AGR, you can choose to pay a lump sum or set up deductions from your paycheck of $100 per month for 12 months.
  • If you are eligible due to a mobilization, you must pay the $1,200 lump sum.
  • To buy-in, contact the Education Services Office at

A monthly payment paid directly to the Soldier based on amount of active duty time served.

Effective 1 OCT 2023:

  • 3+ years or service= $2,385 per month
  • 2-3 years of service= $1,913 per month

Payments are limited by several factors, including:

  • Payment tier
  • Rate of pursuit (if you are going to school full-time, half-time, etc.)
  • Active Duty/Drilling Status

You have ten years from your last day of qualifying active duty time to use this benefit.

  • Your 10-year window can be reset if you complete a new period of qualifying time.
  • Submit a VA form 21-4138 and your DD 214 to your VA Regional Processing Center.

If on active duty, you can use the MGIB-AD as a “Top-UP” to your Federal Tuition Assistance.

  • Under the Top-Up program, FTA will pay first then Ch 30 will pay the cost of tuition and fees that were not covered by FTA, not to exceed your monthly Ch 30 rate.
    • Example of Top-Up: Your total tuition is $1,000 for three semester hours and you are at the 100% tier:
      • Federal Tuition Assistance will pay $750.
      • Ch 30 will pay the $250 balance (tuition and fees only).

Optional Plus-Up program

  • You may contribute up to an additional $600 ONLY while on Active Duty orders.
  • The contribution will increase your monthly benefit up to $150 per month ($5 per month for every $20 contributed).
  • Soldiers using Ch 30 while on Active Duty or AGR are not eligible to receive the Plus-Up payment.
  • To elect the Plus-Up option, contact the GI Bill Support Team via email at:

Rates change every year on October 1. View current rates:

Apply online:

Verify your enrollment:

For More Information, contact your State Education Office:



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