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Post-9/11 GI Bill Chapter 33

The Post-9/11 GI Bill is an education program for Service Members who serve on active duty after 10 September 2001 and receive an honorable discharge.

Serve at least 90 days in a period of qualifying active duty on or after September 11, 2001: 

  • Title 10 USC Sec’s 688, 12301(a), 12301(d), 12301(g), 12301(h), 12302, 12304, 12304a, or 12304b 
  • Title 10 AGR or Title 32 AGR
  • Title 32 USC, Section 502(f) as follows:
    • Operation Noble Eagle: Sep 11, 2001 – May 31, 2002
    • Southwest Border (Operation Guardian Shield): Feb 15, 2019 – Jan 20, 2021
    • COVID-19 Pandemic Response: March 22, 2020 -–  (Project code X-10)
    • The 59th Presidential Inauguration and post-Inauguration activities between January 11, 2021, and March 12, 2021
  • Serve for 30 continuous days and separate due to a service-connected disability or injury.
  • Purple Heart recipients eligible at 100% payment tier. Check this site often or check with your state ESO for newly added periods of qualifying active duty.

Basic Training and AIT can be added to qualifying time if:

  • You have completed 24 months of other qualifying active duty; and
  • Your Basic Training and/or AIT occurred on or after 11 SEP 2001

The following service time DOES NOT qualify for Post-9/11:

  • Title 32 ADOS/ADSW/FTNGD-OS (unless listed above)
  • The Service Obligation from a Service Academy Contract
  • The Service Obligation from a ROTC Active Duty Contract (Dedicated Guard Only)
  • Active Duty used for Active Duty Loan Repayment (Title 10 Sec. 109)
  • Active Duty period receiving less than honorable discharge

Tuition and Fees (based on percentage tier)

  • Up to 100% of in-state tuition if you are attending a public school
  • Max payment of $25,162.14 per year for private or foreign school

Book and Supply Stipend (based on percentage tier)

  • Up to $1,000 per academic year ($41.67/credit hour)

Monthly Housing Allowance (based on percentage tier)

  • Equal to BAH rate for E-5 with dependents
  • Based on zip code of campus where attending class
  • Must be attending more than half-time to qualify
  • If attending only online classes: $916.50 
  • AGR and Active Duty Soldiers and spouses are not eligible for the Housing Stipend

Payment Tiers

  • Payments for all three benefits are pro-rated on your percentage tier. The book and supply stipend and the MHA are also adjusted based on your enrollment (number of credit hours).

Service Requirements on/after 9/11/01

an individual must serve an aggregate of

Payment Tiers Percentage

At least 36 cumulative months or Purple Heart award


At least 30 continuous days on active duty and discharged due to service-connected disability


At least 30 cumulative months


At least 24 cumulative months


At least 18 cumulative months


At least 6 cumulative months


At least 90 aggregate days




Timeline/Expiration of Benefits:

If your last day of qualifying Active Duty is on or after 1 JAN 2013, your benefits never expire

If your last day of qualifying Active Duty is before 1 JAN 2013, your benefits expire 15 years from your last day of Active Duty Service

  • You can reset your expiration date by completing another qualifying period of service of at least 90 consecutive days
  • Submit VA Form 21-4138 with your new DD 214 to the VA Regional Processing Center

Submit the Veterans Online Application to begin using at:

Notify the VA Certifying Official at your school so they can verify your enrollment.

Apply online:

Contact your education team with any questions:

Phone: 615-313-0529/0646/0592/0625



GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website.