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Army Personnel Testing (APT) / DANTES


How do I qualify for Army Personnel Testing (APT)?

  • Be an active drilling member of the Army National Guard (ARNG)
  • Not have taken the requested test within the last 6 months.


What tests can I take?

APT offers career-enhancing exam options, such as:

  • Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT)
    • Raise GT/Line scores to re-class MOS or qualify for Officer Candidate School
  • Selection Instrument Flight Training (SIFT)
    • Qualify for Aviation School
  • Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)
  • Defense Language Reading Proficiency Test (DLRPT)
  • Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)
  • Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
    • DLPT/DLRPT/DLAB/OPI: Qualify for Foreign Language Billets and Proficiency bonuses


How do I apply?

  • DA Form 4187 (Request for Personnel Action), signed by the Unit Commander, must be submitted to the Test Control Officer (TCO) to schedule an APT exam.


Reasons/Requirements for an Exception to Policy (ETP)

  • An exception to policy approval is required when there is a need to retest.
  • Each request must provide military justification to include extenuating circumstances stating why the Soldier cannot wait the required six months.
  • The request must include proof of training to justify that the retest will result in significantly improved scores
  • Do not schedule a test without an approved ETP
  • A new DA Form 4187 shall be submitted to the TCO. The DA Form 4187 must include a copy of the ETP as an attachment.
  • All APT ETPs must be submitted through the State’s ARNG TCO to the National Guard Bureau. Click here for Specific APT ETP requirements. (link to APT ETP sheet)


Helpful links:

APT Info Sheet

DA 4187 samples for all tests

APT ETP info sheet


What is DANTES?

DANTES provides numerous programs and services to assist service members seeking to further their voluntary education goals and objectives.


How do I qualify?

Be an active drilling member of the Army National Guard (ARNG).


What do I get?

Free Test and College Prep Materials: 

  • Online Academic Skills Course (OASC)
    • Self-paced and customized based on pre-assessment, includes quizzes
  • College Placement Skills Training (CPST)
    • Helps Soldiers prepare for college and build academic skills
  • Available to family members


Dantes info sheet


Visit the DANTES Web Site at:


Contact your education team with any questions:

Phone: 615-313-0529/0646/0592/0625