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Family Assistance Online Application

Family Assistance programs include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Families First/TANF), and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP).  Click here to apply for one or both programs.

Family Assistance Case Connect

Case Connect is a mobile-friendly desktop app that allows users to search for and review past and current Family Assistance applications and associated cases. If detailed account updates are needed (such as an address update), using the online DHS account portal is recommended.

Family Assistance File Upload

Upload required documents for Child Care Payment Assistance, Families First/TANF or SNAP using this online tool.

Adult Protective Services - Report Abuse and Neglect

Under Tennessee law, citizens have a duty to report abuse, neglect or exploitation of other persons. Anyone who has reasonable cause to suspect an adult has, without consent, suffered abuse, neglect, or exploitation can report such an incident online.

Appeal Online

DHS service recipients can submit appeal requests for cases here online.

Appeal Online Status

Check the status of an appeal application.

Find Child Care

Parents and caregivers can learn about services offered by child care providers in their area using distance, provider name, rating, or age restrictions search functions.

Child Care Payment Assistance Online Application

Apply online to receive income-based financial assistance with child care payment costs.

Pay Child Support Online

Non-custodial parents (and employers) can use this secure online portal to submit child support payments with a credit card or an e-wallet account. Payment requires separate log-in credential from the DHS account. 

Child Support Online Application

Any custodial parent, non-custodial parent or caretaker of a child who needs the services offered by the Child Support Program, regardless of income, can apply online.

Track Child Support Payments

Parents and caregivers can track and review processed child support payments using this secure online portal. Custodial parents (or caregivers) can also use the portal to review remittance advices and monthly statements.

Child Support Calculator

An online tool that can be used to estimate child support payment amounts. 

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