Watershed Planning Coordination


Tennessee Department of Agriculture  and Department of Environment host planning coordination meetings with partners and agencies engaged in watershed planning in Tennessee. The Watershed Planning Coordination meetings bring together these agencies and partners to a common forum in order to:

  • enable coordination of objectives and priorities,
  • build up planning capacity and resources, and
  • align funding and technical support.

This type of coordination is taking place in the hope that every watershed in Tennessee can have a plan for the protection of water resources, restoration of water quality, and management of activities within  watersheds. 

Welcome to a compilation of watershed plans and spatial resources. The purpose of this map is to assist in comprehensive watershed planning and restoration project coordination in Tennessee.

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Local and County Hazard Mitigation Dashboards

TVA Natural Resource Plan (TVA Natural Resource Plan to guides TVA’s management of biological, cultural, and water resources; recreation; reservoir lands planning; and public engagement.)

Planning Agencies Involved:

Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA)
Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) US Geological Survey (USGS)
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD)
University of Tennessee Extension  Tennessee Division of Forestry
Other Academic Institutions  
Karina Bynum TDEC Division of Water Resources Karina.Bynum@tn.gov
Sam Marshall TN Department of Agriculture Sam.Marshall@tn.gov

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