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Statewide Uniform Inspection Training (SUIT)

The Statewide Uniform Inspection Training (SUIT) is designed to provide landfill employees operators and employees with a basic knowledge of the state facility inspection program. SUIT provides information regarding the policies and regulatory citations associated with each inspection item on the facility checklist. SUIT is currently offering courses specifically designed for Class I and Class III landfills as well as Permit-By-Rule (PBR) facilities including Convenience Centers, Transfer Stations and Tire Storage Facilities.

Current SUIT Class Opportunities for Landfill Operators/Employees

A tri-fold brochure is available with a complete list of SUIT courses being offered, including locations, dates, and times. Online registration is now open for the for the January and February SUIT classes. 

Certified Landfill Operators receive two (2) hours of TDEC-approved training for attending each PBR facility SUIT class.

Certified Landfill Operators attending a full day landfill course receive eight (8) hours of TDEC-approved training.

Note: Certified Landfill Operators are eligible to be awarded training hours after successful completion of each TDEC-approved training course once per calendar year. Courses repeated in the same calendar year are awarded credit only for the first course.

For additional information regarding SUIT and/or status of your Tennessee certification (including the number of credit hours earned), please contact Travis Danker at or (615) 532-0845. 


Travis Danker