Utility Data Management (UDM)

TDEC OEP’s State Facility Utility Management team (SFUM) manages the Utility Data Management (UDM) platform, a uniform repository for utility costs and consumption for approximately 8,000 State-owned and managed facilities. Following a competitive solicitation process, the State approved a multi-year contract with EnergyCAP, Inc., to provide UDM Software as a Service with bill payment, utility tracking, and benchmarking capabilities. The system provides a means for end-users—such as fiscal personnel, SFUM team members, State facility and utility managers, sustainability professionals, and technical assistance providers—to gain actionable insights into their utility data for electric/lighting, natural gas, chilled water, steam, propane, fuel oil, and
water/sewer services.   The UDM platform provides over 300 customizable reports for budget analysis, year-to-year trends, and bill auditing.

Need UDM platform assistance? Refer to User Resources & Guides below for tips on UDM platform navigation. For more information, please contact the SFUM team at TDEC.SFUM@tn.gov or 615-741-2994.

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