State Facility Utility Management (SFUM)

TDEC OEP’s State Facility Utility Management team (SFUM) section oversees building energy management statutory responsibilities for State-owned and managed properties (Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 4-3-1012 and 4-3-1017-1019). In accordance with said responsibilities, SFUM:

  • Operates and maintains an online Utility Data Management (UDM) platform for tracking utility consumption and cost for approximately 8,000 State-owned and -managed facilities, which enables SFUM to generate required annual reports; and
  • Administers the recently launched Energy Liaison Program (ELP) for facility managers and maintenance staff of State-owned and managed buildings, with the goal of providing resources, training and professional development opportunities, and a network to share best practices.

The annual Utility Data Analysis report for Fiscal Year 2022 prepared by SFUM may be accessed here.  

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