UDM Project Background & Platform Capabilities

State Facility Breakout

The State of Tennessee's real estate portfolio consists of approximately 113 million square feet of owned and managed facilities, ranging from office buildings in urban environments to visitor centers in remote State Parks. The Utility Data Management (UDM) platform captures monthly utility data for over 10,500 utility meters servicing approximately 8,800 buildings.  The chart below illustrates a breakout of State-owned and managed facilities by agency or campus.

State of Tennessee Building Stock

UDM Reports

The UDM platform provides over 300 customizable reports that can be generated in a variety of formats such as XLS, PDF, and DOC.   Please refer to the vendor's Energy Management Report Guide for examples of common reports with descriptions and recommended filters.  These reports cover a wide range of categories such as auditingbudgetingcost avoidanceyear-to-year comparisons, and building management summaries.

To further assist users in selecting reports, the vendor's Report Finder website contains all the reports offered through the UDM platform, but is easier to navigate and provides a sample of each report.  For more information on creating reports in the UDM platform, please email us at TDEC.SFUM@tn.gov

UDM Dashboard

In addition to reporting capabilities, the UDM platform allows users to create customized dashboards based on utility bill data and other metrics; these dashboards will update automatically based on any new utility data received. For an example of one of the many user dashboard options available through the platform, see below. This example dashboard illustrates prior years' cost and consumption for several commodities for State of Tennessee General Government Agencies.

* Costs are subject to change should any missing bills be identified and entered.  Water/Sewer is considered a combined commodity for all agencies except for Military, hence why those services are shown both as a combined line item and as separate line items.  This dashboard does not include propane, as many agencies procure the fuel via purchase orders outside the UDM platform.

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