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2020 Energy Education Workshops

TDEC Office of Energy Program’s K-12 program has partnered with Nashville based Mr. Bond’s Science Guys to host a summer schedule of Virtual Live Energy Education shows. All the same fun as the in-person shows, but from the comfort and safety of their own home. These shows are based on their Energy Education program and include demonstrations on energy-related topics, including sound energy, potential energy, chemical reactions, and radiant energy. They perform over a dozen educational experiments which last approximately 35-40 minutes long. So far, the virtual program has reached 14 schools and libraries with 830+ views. Two more shows are scheduled for the summer session July 7th at 10am and July 22nd at 2pm. To view the shows, click here.

OEP traveled to Forks River Elementary in Smith County to host an after school K-12 energy education workshop for 60 students, parents, and educators. The hands on activities and demonstrations covered topics related to sound energy, potential energy, electromagnetic energy, electric circuitry, and radiant energy.

On December 19, TDEC OEP hosted two Energy Education Workshops for 98 students and educators at Millington Middle School in Shelby County. OEP partnered with the Nashville-based Science Guys program to provide demonstrations regarding energy-related topics, including transfer of energy, potential energy using Bernoulli’s Principle, electric circuitry, and radiant energy.

On November 12, OEP hosted a workshop at Merrol Hyde Magnet School for more than 100 students, educators, and parents. OEP demonstrated hands on energy concepts utilizing the Van De Graaff generator, hand boilers, and energy sticks. Students also made solar bracelets that teach them about the power of the sun and how the photochromic chemicals in the beads change color when exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the sun.

On November 7th, OEP traveled to Wilson County and hosted a K-12 Energy Education Workshops for 322 students and educators at Mount Juliet Elementary. Students and educators were provided demonstrations regarding energy-related topics, including sound energy, potential energy using Bournoulli's Principle, chemical reactions, electric circuitry, and radiant energy.

For more information regarding the 2020 Energy Education Workshops, please contact Angela McGee at or 615-532-7816.