K-12 Energy Education Camps and Workshops

OEP has a long history of supporting K-12 Energy Education through professional development and student learning opportunities. OEP’s offerings include Energy Education Camps for K-12 Educators, Energy Education Workshops for both educators and students, Outreach Events, and continued support of the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project. These offerings connect the broad topic of energy to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects and provide educators and students with the knowledge and resources necessary to teach energy concepts.

OEP's K-12 program is partnering with The Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga to offer Energy Education Distance Learning opportunities at no-cost to educators and students. To participate in these Virtual Learning opportunities contact Angela.McGee@tn.gov or Alisha.Brewer@tn.


Applications for the 2023 K-12 Energy Camp for Educators are now available

Location: Henry Horton State Park

Date: June 13-15, 2023

Click Here for Application

Please email your application by April 14, 2023 to Angela.McGee@tn.gov and Alisha.Brewer@tn.gov.

Energy Education Workshops

Each year, OEP hosts Energy Education Workshops for both educators and students. These Workshops allow participants to explore energy through hands-on, interactive demonstrations designed to make energy exciting and fun. Learn more about our Workshop offerings here.

Energy Education Camps

In 2022, OEP hosted one Energy Education Camp for Educators across the state. The Camp was comprised of  three-day training sessions and provided energy-related lesson plans and resources designed for use in the classroom.

Energy Education Resources

OEP’s energy education programming provides fun and innovative energy lessons to K-12 educators and students across the state. Visit this page to learn more about the energy education resources that OEP utilizes.

Energy Education Outreach

OEP provides energy education outreach at a variety of public events in order to share information on the programs and activities that the office offers to enhance energy education in Tennessee. Learn about OEP’s outreach efforts here.