Energy Education Camps

OEP hosted the 2023 Energy Education Camp for Educators at Henry Horton State Park. The three-day camp provided educators with information and resources needed to teach on topics related to energy and energy conservation in the classroom and showed them how to involve students in service-learning projects that promote environmental stewardship. Participating educators were provided with energy-related classroom materials, as well as complementary lodging and meals. Click here to learn more about the 2023 Energy Camp resources OEP used.

“The Energy Camp sponsored by TDEC has been the most
informative and inspiring professional development I have attended in over 10
years.  I will be able to use a number of
ideas presented in my STEM classroom. Please continue to support these types of
workshops for science and STEM teachers, they are truly beneficial.” Carolyn
Washing – West Wilson Middle School

“I truly enjoyed this workshop. It has given me some
new ideas to teach energy to my 6th graders that will keep them
interested and excited about learning. The materials given are going to be used
in my classroom. I also appreciate the thought behind the cost. When you have
to provide for so many students that part was appreciated.” Amanda Harris –
Morrison Elementary

“The Energy Education Summer Camp has been the single
best Professional Development experience I have attended in my 25 years as a
science educator. I unequivocally recommend this training for all science and
STEM educators.”  Douglas Burroughs – Morristown
West High School

“This conference/training far surpassed my needs and
expectations. It was impactful because of the hands-on experiences. The
materials that were given in the training will help science come more to life
for my students.” Olivia Delashmitt – Jasper Middle School

“The energy camp helped me become more comfortable and
confident at teaching energy sources and electricity. I gained valuable ideas
to use with students to increase student engagement and hands-on
activities.  The items I am leaving and
taking with me will add tremendously to my classroom instruction.  Was very organized and equipped!” Kelly Casey
- Grandview Elementary

“I really enjoyed learning more stem activity to have
for programming for the libraries. It will help to have for younger to older
children. We can offer adult programs with some of the activities. Thank you
for the opportunity to come learn.” Robbie Harris – McNairy County Libraries

“I really benefitted by learning different ways I can
teach about energy and even incorporate energy into other subjects like math
and social studies. The resources provided made the camp reproducible in my
classroom and public library as soon as I return home. Thank you for providing
this opportunity.” Emily Harris – McNairy County Libraries

“The program is an excellent hands on learning
experience for educators. It provides valuable tools and ideas to encourage and
enhance learning in our classrooms. I have very much enjoyed and greatly
appreciate the knowledge and ideas presented to enhance student knowledge and
curiosity in science.  I will highly
recommend this program to other educators.” Shannon Bass – Minor Hill School

“The 2023 Summer Energy Camp was absolutely fantastic.
Each day was filled with valuable information and useful materials. The
presenters were phenomenal and if given the chance I’s come back again and
again.  This experience has been
energizing and by far the best inservice opportunity in years! Thanks so much
for offering this to us teachers.” Autumn Russell – Finley Elementary

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate
in this energy camp! This has been the best professional development I have
attended in years! The activities were ALL usable in the
classroom and the resources and ideas were inspiring. It’s the first
professional development where time wasn’t wasted. I really enjoyed it being at
a State Park too.  It helped me decide to
do this too because I could explore after camp was over. The food was sooooooo
good. Thank you all for being so nice and encouraging as well.” Candice Thurman
– Station Camp High School

“Thank you for this
great opportunity. I have enjoyed the collaboration and the hands on
activities. You all have given me several lessons that I will use to start the
next school year. Energy Camp got me excited about teaching again since Covid.”
Giovonni Morton – Alexander Elementary