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Energy Education Outreach

OEP provides energy education outreach at a variety of public events, in order to share information on the many programs and activities that the office offers to enhance energy education in Tennessee.

To learn more about OEP's K-12 energy education outreach programming contact Angela McGee at or 615-532-7816.

2020 Outreach Events


OEP hosted an outreach booth at the TSTA (Tennessee Science Teachers Association) and TMTA (Tennessee Math Teachers Association) Conference in Murfreesboro. OEP had the opportunity to promote their K-12 Energy Education Program with an audience of approximately 600+ attendees. The annual conference serves to promote the sharing of instructional practices and topical professional learning opportunities that amplify student learning through active engagement with the process of science. 

OEP partnered with the Tennessee STEAM Festival to build interest and excitement in STEAM, and cultivate the next generation of citizen and professional science advocates and practitioners by leveraging local partnerships from across the region. There were approximately 100 Tennesseans of all ages and backgrounds in attendance at Rock Island State Park for this event. The Science Guys presented a hands-on energy related show. There were booths with activities and experiments including energy sticks, hand boilers and rocket launching. Children and adults made their own solar bracelets and were able to take them home along with activity books, calendars, and stickers. The activities and demonstrations covered topics related to sound energy, potential energy, chemical reactions, electric circuitry, and radiant energy.


OEP hosted a K-12 Energy Education Outreach Booth at the Tennessee Environmental Education Association's 2019 Conference for 100 educators. OEP assisted in furthering TEEA's mission to promote excellence in environmental education by providing support, resources, and networking opportunities to Tennessee's community of educators.

2019 Outreach Events

OEP traveled to the Clinch School in Hawkins County for their STEM/Family Engagement Night. OEP hosted a booth for 200 students, educators, and their families. Students and parents were engaged in hands on experiments including a Van de Graaff Generator, Plasma Ball, and Energy Sticks. All were encouraged to make solar bracelets and take home energy education materials.

OEP conducted a K-12 Energy Education Booth at Stratford STEM Magnet High School for the Metro Nashville Public Schools Science and STEAM Teacher In-service Symposium on August 1, 2019.  OEP had the opportunity to discuss their K-12 Energy Education Program with an audience of 600+ attendees. 

OEP hosted a K-12 Energy Education booth at the STEM Innovation Summit May 14-15 in Nashville, which realized an attendance of more than 400 educators. The STEM Innovation Summit brought together leaders, innovators, and champions from across the state that are united by a passion to advance excellence in STEM education for all Tennesseans. 

OEP hosted a K-12 Energy Education booth at the Jackson Earth Day Festival on April 20, 2019, which realized an attendance of 600, including children who spent the day performing hands-on energy experiments with topics on solar power, energy efficiency, electric circuitry, and more. The children were able to take home energy-related educational materials. 


On March 12, 2019, Christiana Middle School hosted STEM Night, which celebrates educational opportunities in STEM. OEP staff attended to share information about OEP’s K-12 Energy Education programming, including Energy Camps for K-12 Educators and Energy Workshops for both educators and students. These programs provide local STEM educators with the knowledge and resources necessary to teach energy concepts in any K-12 classroom.


OEP hosted an outreach booth at the TSTA (Tennessee Science Teacher's Association)  conference in Murfreesboro. OEP had the opportunity to discuss their K-12 Energy Education Program with an audience of approximately 480+ attendees.