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Waste Notices & Hearings

Public Participation Opportunities

WebEx Participation Instructions and Guidance

(For participation in public meetings/hearings through web conferencing)

Please note that you may also participate in public hearings held on WebEx by telephone.

To view today's rulemaking hearing documents and join the meeting via WebEx, please expand the "Rulemaking Hearings - Comments Invited" section below.  

The Division of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) recognizes the importance of public input in the permitting process. Public notices are used to advise the public about new applications, tentative and final permit decisions, and opportunities for the public to provide input into the decision making process. Public notices may be placed in local newspapers, and radio stations may be used to broadcast a notice.

Members of the public can also request to have notices sent directly to their attention. DSWM maintains the Solid/Hazardous Waste Management Mailing List for this purpose. To be added to the mailing list, please complete and submit a Mailing List Request form (CN-0837). If you have any questions concerning this form, you may contact the Division of Solid Waste Management at or 615-532-0788.

Additional information about the facilities and permits addressed by these notices may be found in the Solid Waste Management Dataviewer.

If it is hard for you to read, speak, or understand English, please see our Language Assistance webpage for more information about our free language assistance services.

Upcoming Virtual Public Hearings:

Each hearing listed below has a direct link to the online WebEx Meeting and a link to a sign-in form. A telephone number and passcode are provided in the public notice document for anyone who cannot participate via a computer. Please use the sign-in form to register your attendance and/or submit a comment to be read by the hearing moderator during the hearing. Registration on the sign-in form is not mandatory, but it will assist the Division in our ability to relay our Notice of Decision to those who provide comments during the Public Comment period and/or provided testimony at the hearing. Registration also documents your attendance at the public hearing for the purpose of securing appeal rights. People who attend the hearing by phone and who are not able to register online will be given the opportunity to confirm their participation during the hearing. Your participation is appreciated.

Date: Hearing: Site (Public Notice): Alternate Hearing Option:  Sign-In Form:
11-10 9:00 am CDT Notice of Rulemaking Hearing WEBEX Sign-in



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Division of Solid Waste Management

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