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Please note that you may also participate in public hearings by telephone. Call-in information for each hearing, as well as a number to call during the hearing for technical assistance, is provided in each public notice.

  • Notice of Comment Period of VOAP Draft Brownfield Voluntary Agreement Guidance Document

Released May 8, 2023

The purpose of the Draft Brownfield Voluntary Agreement Guidance Document is to provide guidelines to help work through a brownfield project. This guidance will also inform Voluntary Parties on expectations, obligations, and requirements when seeking a Brownfield Voluntary Agreement (“BVA”) through the Voluntary Oversight Assistance Program (VOAP). 

The external review period is being held from May 8th, 2023 to June 23rd, 2023. Please use the excel comment sheet while reviewing the DRAFT BVA Guidance. Send the completed excel comment sheet to no later than June 23, 2023 to ensure your comments are received.

  • Public Notice of Record of Decision for Dixie Barrel and Drum (DOR site ID 47-573) in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee

Released April 27, 2023

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Division of Remediation (DoR) has signed a Record of Decision for the Dixie Barrel and Drum site (the Site). The Record of Decision is a document used to explain the clean-up plan for the Site.

View the Record of Decision for Dixie Barrel and Drum here. For further information about the Site or to request a paper copy of the Record of Decision, please contact the DoR project manager, Justin Fisher at 865-594-5466 or at

  • Notice of Cancellation of Notice of Land Use Restrictions pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-212-225(e)

For the property known as 820 Skyline Ridge Drive (Old Due West), Madison, TN; portion of recently aggregated parcel known with address of 808 Skyline Ridge Drive, Division of Remediation Site# 19-715

Released March 22, 2023

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (“Property Owners”) own an approximate 10.81-acre portion of a larger 15.11-acre parcel of real property on 808 Skyline Ridge Drive, Madison, Tennessee (“Subject Property”). The Subject Property was formerly a stand-alone parcel that has since been aggregated with an adjoining parcel to the southeast. The original address of the stand-alone parcel was 820 Old Due West, Site # 19-715 (“820 Old Due West Site”).

The Site was utilized as single-family residence until 2018. Based on the Phase I ESA and subsequent Phase II ESA conducted at the 820 Old Due West property in Madison, Tennessee, illicit, historic dumping, and soils with elevated arsenic concentrations were identified on the Site. Benzene and 1,3 Butadiene were detected in the Site’s soil vapor. Due to the presence of these constituents, the owner opted to place a Notice of Land Use Restrictions on the Site that required the installation of 20-millimeter vapor barrier only below Building C.

The Subject Property has been the subject of environmental investigations, the results of which have been reviewed by and are on file with the DoR. A review of these aforementioned environmental investigations concluded that the contamination identified at the Subject Property did not require vapor mitigation. Therefore, the DoR, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated section 68-212-225(e), gives notice that it proposes to cancel the Notice of Land Use Restrictions as it applies to the Subject Property.

The public may contact Chris Seifert in Nashville at the Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Remediation, or by phone at (615) 687-7065 for more information. DoR is accepting written comments from the public for thirty (30) days after the date of publication of this notice, and these comments should be mailed to

A copy of this notice is available as a pdf.

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