Framework for Non-Public Schools

According to state law and State Board of Education Policy, all classroom teachers must be evaluated. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Special needs teachers
  • Vocational teachers
  • Specialist area teachers (i.e., art, PE, or music teachers)
  • Library Media Specialists
  • Counselors
  • Psychologists

The State Framework for Evaluation and Professional Growth (download Word document or PDF) must be used for non-public schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

A teacher with an Apprentice and Professional License must be evaluated every year.

  • Apprentice Teachers, year 1 & 2: minimum of 3 observations per year with feedback and accompanying documentation.
  • Apprentice Teachers, year 3: minimum of 2 observations per year with feedback and accompanying documentation.
  • Professional Level Teachers: minimum of 2 observations.

No one may evaluate a teacher until he or she has been trained in the Framework for Evaluation model. The training consists of 2 days spread over several months. After Day 1 training, the evaluator may begin the evaluation process.

These educators are evaluated through the Special Groups Model and the Library Media Specialist Model, both of which are taught during a special half-day training.