WMA Waterfowl Areas Crop Status & Blind Condition

Cumberland Plateau Region III

Food Crop Status

Current crop conditions for 2023.

Waterfowl quote hunts

Chickamauga WMA

Armstrong Ferry: 

Three impoundments at Armstrong Ferry part of Hiwassee Refuge.  All impoundments have corn that will be flooded totaling 26 Ac. The corn was planted early and is doing well with ears already developed. 

Candies Creek:

The lower unit is planted in Japanese millet.  The upper unit is planted in Japanese millet and milo.

Johnson Bottoms:

Planted in Milo and Japanese millet.

Sugar Creek: 

Sugar Creek is a new impoundment developed this year it is small in size app. 5 acres of flooded corn and sorghum surrounded by 20 acres of crops.

Crops were planted late as soon as the impoundment was completed. 

Cordell Hull WMA:

Planted about 8 acres of corn adjacent to a waterfowl Impoundment on the Cordell Hull Waterfowl Refuge. It serves as a dry feeding for ducks.

Unable to plant corn that will survive in floodable areas, there will be Japanese millet or moist-soil plants in the areas that will be flooded in early winter. The refuge is only open for hunting during the early wood duck/teal/goose season in September (Closes Nov 15).

Cordell Hull WMA is predominantly sharecropped and most of that is planted in soybeans. Most duck hunters hunt the main river channel on grass flats or creek drainages

Rogers Creek

Has not been planted yet. 

Site Conditions

2023 site condition updates will be posted as they become available.