Bridge Inspection and Repair

Bridge repair projects are necessary to correct structural or functional deficiencies, vehicular collision damage, concrete or steel deterioration, scour problems, etceteras.

The Bridge Repair Section is responsible for the design and plans preparation of bridge repair projects on state maintained bridges. Plans are developed by both in-house staff and consultant firms, which are under contract with the Department.

Repair projects are let to contract through the normal bid process and administered by the Construction Office. During the construction phase, the repair section assists region construction personnel in construction inspection and in solving any problems that may arise.

The Bridge Repair Section provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Provides recommendations and assistance to state bridge repair crews in making routine maintenance type repairs
  • Works with Materials and Tests personnel with installation and evaluation of new products developed or proposed for repair work
  • Develops projects for maintenance painting of steel structures (This duty also involves evaluating new paint systems and developing specifications for painting projects.)
  • Makes recommendations and provides details for bridge repairs on bridges included in the limits of roadway resurfacing projects