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Proprietary Proprietary Product Certifications, Public Interest Findings and Experimental Products

TDOT Guidelines for Submittal of Products Certifications (SOP 1-5) (PDF)
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TDOT Proprietary Product Tracking Sheet


  City of Alcoa Lighting (Expires 7-5-26)
  City of Chattanooga Lighting (Expires 8-22-26)
  City of Clarksville Detection (Expires 6-9-26)
  City of Columbia Controllers, Conflict Monitors, & Preemption (Expires 8-7-2023)
  City of Cookeville Controllers, MMU, & Network Switch (Expires 7-5-26)
  City of Crossville Controllers, MMU, & Detection (Expires 7-5-26)
  City of Crossville  Traffic Signal Controllers, MMU, & Detection Equipment (Expires 8-24-24)
  City of Dayton Controllers (Expires 8-23-25)
  City of Dickson Signal Controllers (Expires 8-13-24)
  City of Dunlap Controllers & Lighting (Expires 7-5-26)
  City of Franklin Controllers, MMU, Load Switches, Etc. (Expires 08-12-24)
  City of Harriman Lighting (Expires 6-9-26)
  City of Hendersonville Detection (Expires 8-7-2023)
  City of Johnson City Controllers Network Switches APS Lighting (Expires 7-8-25)
  City of Kingsport Pavers Joint Sand Bench Bike Rack Trash Receptacle (Expires 9-9-24)
  City of Lawrenceburg Controllers (Expires 9-9-24)
  City of Lebanon Signal Controllers , MMU, Network Switches & Vehicle Dection  (Expires 7-14-25)
  City of Lenoir City Controllers & Central Software (Expires 6-13-26)
  City of Lenoir City Lighting (Expires 8-22-26)
  City of Lexington Controllers & Detection (Expires 6-8-24)
  City of Lexington Controllers & Detection (Expires 8-7-2023)
  Town of Livingston Controllers (Expires 8-7-2023)
  City of McMinnville Controllers (Expires 8-7-2023)
  City of Memphis and Shelby County Controllers, Detection, APS, & Pre-Emption (Expires 3-17-26)
  City of Morristown Controller & Detection (Expires 8-22-26)
  City of Morristown Lighting (Expires 7-5-26)
  City of Mt. Juliet Network Switches (Expires 7-14-25)
  City of Murfreesboro Lighting (Expires 7-8-25)
  CIty of Oak Ridge Controllers Software Network Switches (Expires 8-31-25)
  Shelby County Color Admixture, Signs, & Eco-Countery Manholes (Expires 8-7-2023)
  Town of Smyrna Server Firewall System (Expires 7-29-25)
  Town of Somerville Lighting Benches Trash Receptacles (Expires 8-24-24)
  City of Sparta Controllers (Expires 9-9-24)
  Sullivan County Controllers (Expires 7-21-24)
  City of Tullahoma Controllers, MMU, Detection, & GPS (Expires 7-5-26)
  Williamson County Controllers Preemption (Expires 7-21-24)