Zero Waste TN


TDEC's Office of Sustainable Practices is responding to increasing challenges in the waste management system to provide an opportunity for change. The Zero Waste TN program is designed to help inform Tennesseans on how to make better choices and rethink the way we manage waste. TDEC and its partners encourage Tennesseans to focus on reducing their waste by being aware of where it comes from, where it is going, and make responsible decisions along the way.

The Zero Waste TN Program Consists of:

  • Zero Waste Day - October 27th, an awareness day to take the "Zero Waste Challenge" and reduce your waste by following the challenge guidelines
  • A Guide to Understanding Zero Waste - including the need for change, key principles, and numerous benefits
  • Consumer Guide to Zero Waste - a detailed guide for Tennesseans to help incorporate waste-reducing practices into their every-day lives

By adopting these Zero Waste principles, we can greatly reduce our impact on Tennessee's environment, preserve our natural resources for future generations, and reduce the growing costs associated with the collection and disposal of our
solid waste.