Approved Transitional Housing

The Department of Correction maintains a list of transitional housing approved for consideration as a residence by those under TDOC supervision. While TDOC does not license or regulate the transitional houses, the agency does require submission of information such as costs, programming and other services, through the completion of the Application for Approved Transitional Housing. Additionally, for transitional houses to be placed on the TDOC Approved List, those houses must comply with the Guidelines for Approved Transitional Housing Providers. These guidelines were developed with the input of transitional housing providers throughout the state. A Monthly Progress Report has been developed and should be submitted monthly for each resident to his or her supervising Probation or Parole Officer. An Incident Report has also been developed and should be submitted immediately to the supervising officer following any significant event involving a resident.

Please submit all applications and waivers to:

Tennessee Department of Correction
Attn: Director of Housing
320 6th Avenue North
Rachel Jackson Building, 5th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243-0465

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