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Jobs4TNgov_KJ’s database provides easy access to the largest number of unduplicated online job opportunities currently available in one location with more than 90,000 jobs every day. In addition to taking job orders directly from Tennessee employers, the system continually searches through the web sites of local newspapers, recruiters, hospitals, and government sites to pull in all the best jobs. Jobs noted with a star are job orders posted directly by Tennessee employers in

Learn how to conduct a job search to find employment opportunities. The video will demonstrate the various search options available and how to apply for desired job openings.

Need help creating an individual account? Watch this video to get started. Creating a free account enables you to take full advantage of system resources, such as building a resume and finding a job.


Automated Job Searches

The “Virtual Recruiter” feature  allows individuals to save a job search and run it periodically to identify any new job postings that fit the search criteria. Results are reported to the job seeker’s message box, to an email address, or even to their cell phone as a text message.

Video - The Virtual Recruiter for Individuals - (3:15) Learn how the system automatically searches for jobs based on your desired criteria. When it finds a match, the system will create a notification alert using your preferred method(s) of contact.

Real-Time Data

 Stay in-the-know with real-time data with current job postings from employers across Tennessee and wage information for different industries. Make more informed career decisions by seeing who's hiring, what industries are in demand, and projections to see what industries are on the rise.


Resumé Builder

Our Industry-Leading Resumé Builder helps individuals build a resumé step-by-step, gather essential background information, and arrange skills, employment history, education, and other essential information. Individuals can create multiple resumés and post them online for prospective employers to view. They can also automatically import their existing resumés from a variety of electronic formats, and use this data to perform targeted job searches.

Video - Resume Builder Part 1: Overview - (10:24) Learn the basics to create a professional resume to advertise your skills and experience to employers. This tutorial examines the four basic components of the Resume Builder Wizard.

Video - Resume Builder Part 2: Creation Methods - (12:26) Learn the similarities and differences among each resume build process (manual, automated entry, copy and paste, or copy existing). This tutorial offers practical suggestions to help you choose the best resume creation method.

Mobile Devices? You Bet!

The mobile app includes the ability for users to search for jobs via keyword and by location. Job seekers may also filter results by occupation and further expand a job listing to review position details, apply to the job, map its location and even share their job search activity to an email or Twitter and Facebook.

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