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Request a Speaker

Invite an expert in workers' comp to speak at your event

If you would like a representative of the Bureau to speak to your group or organization, please email us at Our most popular presentations are listed below.

Employee/Employer Responsibilities

Do you know the absolute best way to save money on your workers' compensation expenses? Prevent the injury!

This session will discuss the importance of safe worksites as well as instruct attendees on how to effectively handle the aftermath of a workplace accident and focus your employee's on recovery.

Compliance: Preventing Penalties

Learn how to stay complaint along with issues that could lead to penalties if you don't provide the required coverage or misclassify your workers. 

What businesses are required to have Workers' Comp coverage? What is the difference between an employee and an independent contractor? Are there special rules for construction employers? Learn about this and more from our Compliance presentation.

Drug-Free Workplace Program

Did you know that 60% of the world's production of illegal drugs is consumed in the U.S.? Or that 70% of current users of illegal drugs are employed?

This presentation is designed to educate employers on the benefits of implementing a drug-free program in the workplace and the additional benefits of joining the Drug-Free Workplace Program.

Hispanic Outreach

Aprenda cómo funciona el seguro de compensación para trabajadores y como cumplir con la ley de Tennessee.

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions, please call 615-532-4812 or 800-332-2667 or contact us by email at Find out about other available assistance programs by contacting an ombudsman