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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) affords insurers and the Bureau of Workers' Compensation a method of exchanging necessary workers’ compensation claims information electronically and thereby avoiding multiple entries of data into computer systems. EDI is fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective. Insurers sign a trading partner agreement with the Bureau. This agreement includes testing the reporting system to determine if the transmission mechanism is acceptable. Upon completion of testing, the Bureau will notify the trading partner of approval to submit production data.

Required Forms

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act and Rules of the Bureau require adjusters and third-party administrators (TPA’s) to file claims forms throughout the life of a claim.

The Forms I-1 & I-2 are required to be electronically filed by the employer's insurance carrier when coverage is obtained from a licensed Workers' Compensation Carrier authorized to write workers' compensation policies in the State of Tennessee. It must be filed within 30 days from procurement or renewal of suitable workers' compensation insurance. Any error submitted on filings of Form I-1 or Form I-2 must be corrected by the insurance carrier that submitted the information.

*The C-29/FN must be filed on all claims that do not result in permanency (settlement). All cases that result in permanency will require the filing of the SD-1/SD-2. The SD-1/SD-2 must be filed with the Bureau at the time of settlement.

EDI Error Message Meanings

If an EDI filing is not correct when it is submitted, it will be rejected. An error message will provide the carrier the reason for the rejection. EDI files that are rejected due to an error by the carrier are not considered to have been actually filed and may put the carrier at risk for penalty if the error is not corrected timely.  If you receive an error message after submitting a file via EDI, we’ve created a guide to help resolve common errors. The EDI Error Message Meanings contains descriptions of the error codes that are received in the Acknowledgement File that is rejected when an EDI Claims file has been received by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. View our remedy guide for details.

Learn more

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) offers education on reporting workers' compensation data electronically.

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