Tennessee Department of Veterans Services Launches Volunteer Honor Guard Grant Program, Issues Notice to Apply

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 | 10:30am

Nashville, Tenn. – The Tennessee Department of Veterans Services (TDVS) is proud to announce the official launch of the Honor Guard Grant Program (HGGP). This program, mandated by legislation passed by the 113th General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Bill Lee, marks a decisive step towards recognizing and supporting the dedicated efforts of non-profit organizations committed to honoring Tennessee's Veterans.

The HGGP is a state-administered initiative that provides financial support to Tennessee Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs). The program's primary goal is to offset expenses incurred by VSOs in providing honor guard burial details at the funerals of qualifying Tennessee veterans. The program covers various expenses, including training, transportation, food, and equipment, ensuring our Veterans' dignity and respect are maintained during these services. 

“This project is yet another opportunity for TDVS to carry out our mission of ensuring that every Tennessee Veteran is given an honorable final resting place,” said TDVS Commissioner Tommy Baker regarding the initiative. “We are excited to partner with these invaluable organizations as they continue to pay respects to those who fought for our freedom.”

The program operates under the governance of the Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 4, Chapter 3, Part 25. It was legislated under Public Chapter No. 404, House Bill No. 1072. This establishes the Department of Veterans Services' authority to administer the grant program and sets forth the conditions under which grants may be issued. 

The HGGP is primarily funded through appropriations by the Tennessee General Assembly. The program may also receive gifts, grants, and other donations. The legislative intent for the fiscal year 2023-2024 is an appropriation of seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) for awarding grants from the fund. The allocation and disbursement are based on the availability of funding.

The Honor Guard Grant Program represents Tennessee's steadfast commitment to upholding the legacy of its Veterans. Through this initiative, the state aims to honor the sacrifices made by its servicemen and women, ensuring their memory lives on with the dignity they deserve.

Organizations interested in applying for reimbursement can find comprehensive information and access the application at TN.gov/Veteran/HGGP. For further inquiries or assistance, please contact TDVS.Grants@TN.gov.