Monitoring and Compliance in HGGP

This section focuses on the various checks and measures to ensure that funds disbursed under the HGGP are used appropriately. This includes regular compliance checks, financial audits, and reporting requirements that grantees must adhere to.

Grantee monitoring and financial auditing are different processes. Monitoring ensures compliance with the terms of the grant contract while an audit evaluates the general fiscal and operational health of the grantee organization.

Grantee Monitoring

  • Quarterly Review: The Tennessee Department of Veterans Services will perform random quarterly compliance checks to ensure that funds are being utilized according to the guidelines and objectives of the Honor Guard Grant Program.
  • Spot Checks: In addition, TDVS reserves the right to perform unannounced spot checks to validate the information submitted during the reimbursement process. During these checks, TDVS will also reassess the organization's continued eligibility to participate in the HGGP. 
  • Submission Verification: Each reimbursement request is subject to verification for its accuracy and alignment with the grant's purpose. Non-compliance will trigger further investigation.
  • Non-compliance Consequences: Failure to comply with the guidelines may result in temporary suspension of grant activities, withholding funds, or termination of the grant contract.
  • Notification: Organizations will be informed in writing of the outcome of each compliance check, including any areas requiring remedial action.
  • Remedial Actions: Organizations found to be non-compliant will be given a defined period to correct the issues identified. Please comply within this period to avoid further actions, including disqualification from current and future grant cycles.
  • Certification Requirement: Upon each compliance review, a certification from the organization's head confirming adherence to the grant terms and conditions may be required.

Financial Audits

The integrity of the Honor Guard Grant Program (HGGP) relies heavily on all participating organizations' honest and compliant behavior. Adherence to guidelines or misuse of funds jeopardizes the organization's standing and could imperil the entire program.

While the Comptroller’s Office primarily conducts audits in cases of suspected misuse or abuse of state funds, they also have the authority to perform random audits to ensure program integrity. Organizations should operate under the assumption that their financial activities will be scrutinized and should, therefore, maintain meticulous records.

For any questions concerning compliance or the audit process, please refer to this manual's "Contact Information" section or directly consult with the Tennessee Department of Veterans Services.

Compliance Certification 

At the close of the grant period, grantee must submit a Compliance Certification Form. This form will attest to the organization's adherence to all guidelines and proper use of grant funds. It will also serve as the final reporting requirement before the closure of the grant cycle.