Quarterly Commission Meeting

July 29, 2022


July 29, 2022

9:00 am


Cordell Hull Building Senate Hearing Room II 425 Rep. John Lewis Way Nashville, TN 37243 Livestream: https://bit.ly/3vaypl6

Pursuant to Policy 1.200 - Commission Meetings, each regular and special-called Commission meeting shall provide for the opportunity for public comment. Requests to speak at the Commission meeting must be received by 4 pm Central Time on the business day immediately preceding the Commission meeting. Please complete this form to request to speak at the July 29, 2022 Commission meeting. Written public comments may be submitted by completing this form.


I. Welcome
Tom Griscom, Commission Chairman

        - Roll Call
        - Review of Agenda
        - Approval of Prior Minutes 
                - April 1, 2022 Commission Meeting
                - June 28, 2022 Special-Called Commission Meeting

II. Public Comment

III. Report: School Performance and Accountability Committee
Chris Richards, Committee Chairman

        -School District Accountability & Charter Commission Performance Framework Revisions
        -Bluff City High School Interim Review
        -Pre-Opening & School Updates for 2022-23, 2023-24 School Years
        -School Security Updates

IV. Report: Business Operations Committee
Dave Hanson, Commitee Chairman

        - Tennessee Language Center Inter-Agency Agreement
        - 2023 Proposed Meeting Dates
        - Fiscal Year 2022 Budget to Actuals
        - Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Update
        - Fiscal Year 2024 Projected Budget

V. Report: Rules, Policy, and Governance Committee
Terence Patterson, Committee Chairman

      -Commission Policy Updates         
      -First Reading

            o 1.100 – Commission Members
            o 3.700 – School Performance Framework

      -Final Reading

            o 1.300 – Personnel
            o 2.000 – Charter School Appeals
            o 2.100 – Charter School Application Review
            o 2.200 – Charter School Renewal Appeals
            o 2.300 – Charter School Revocation Appeals
            o 3.200 – Charter School Autonomy
            o 3.500 – Charter School Revocation with Commission as Authorizer
            o 3.600 – Renewal of Charter Agreements
            o 3.900 – Amendment Petition Policy

      -Commission Rule Updates- Final Reading

            o 1185-01-01 Charter School Appeals

      -LEA Policy Updates- First & Final Reading

            o 1800 - School Calendar
            o 4212 - Virtual Instruction
            o 4406 - Internet Safety
            o 4605 - Course Credits and Graduation
            o 5118 – Background Investigations
            o 6304 – Bullying Harrassment Hazing
            o 6313 – Student Discipline Policy
            o 6409 – Child Abuse
            o 6500 – Restraint and Isolation

VI. Special Populations Update
Tess Stovall, Executive Director

VII. New-Start Appeals Update
Beth Figueroa, Director of Authorizing & Maggie Lund, Deputy Director of Authorizing

VIII. Legislative Update
Chase Ingle, Director of External Affairs

IX. Strategic Plan Update
DreJean Cummings, Special Assistant to E.D.

X. Executive Director's Updates
Tess Stovall, Executive Director

XI. Closing Discussion and Adjournment
Tom Griscom, Commission Chairman