Special Called Meeting

January 7, 2022


January 7, 2022

9:30 am


Join via WebEx: https://bit.ly/3ERuOLN Access Code: wgDfvHYq564 Phone Line: 1-415-655-0001 Phone Access Code: 2300 484 4658

Pursuant to Policy 1.200 - Commission Meetings, each regular and special-called Commission meeting shall provide for the opportunity for public comment. Requests to speak at the Commission meeting must be received by 4 pm Central Time on the business day immediately preceding the Commission meeting. Please complete this form to request to speak at the January 7, 2022 Commission meeting. Written public comments may be submitted by completing this form.


I. Welcome
Tom Griscom, Commission Chair
- Roll Call
- Review of Agenda
- Approval of Prior Minutes

II. Public Comment

III. First & Final Reading:
Ashley Thomas, General Counsel
- Commission Policy 2.400, Charter School Amendment Appeals

IV. New Start Appeal
Tess Stovall, Executive Director & Ashley Thomas, General Counsel

- Rutherford Collegiate Prep
            -Executive Director's Report
            -Written Statement- Rutherford County Schools
            -Written Statement- Rutherford Collegiate Prep

V. Closing Discussion and Adjournment
Tom Griscom, Commission Chair