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TDOT Strategic Direction

Having a clear strategic direction helps the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to provide a safe and effective transportation system for our citizens and visitors to our state, make decisions about our investments and resources, and prepare and work toward the vision for the future. 

TDOT's Strategic Direction is comprised of 5 key components including the mission, vision, guiding principles, operational goals and strategic initiatives described below.

To provide a safe and reliable transportation system for people, goods and services that supports economic prosperity in Tennessee.

To serve the public by providing the best multimodal transportation system in the nation.

Guiding Principles


Operational Goals

  • System Preservation - Maintain the state transportation system to protect the long term investment in our infrastructure assets
  • System Operation - Operate and manage Tennessee's transportation system to provide a high level of safety and service to our customers and workers
  • Project Delivery - Deliver transportation projects on schedule and within budget.
  • Mobility and Access - Expand mobility choices to maximize access

Strategic Initiative

  • Education and Development - Continue to expand and evaluate organizational strategies and programs to strengthen and support continuing education, training and development of TDOT employees.

Links to Key Departmental Plans and Reports

Strategic management requires a systems perspective.  Alignment and integration of key components help to ensure consistency of plans, processes, measures and actions.

  • TDOT's Top to Bottom Report (PDF) - TDOT's Top to Bottom Review was conducted as part of Governor Haslam's 2011 initiative to make Tennessee state government more effective and efficient.  This report provides key organizational findings and recommendations for improvement based on the assessment conducted which included surveys, interviews, focus groups, and review of relevant reports and plans.
  • Tennessee 25-Year Transportation Plan - The Long Range Transportation Plan sets policy priorities which influence how transportation investments are prioritized across the state for the next 25 years. 

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