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Current Projects

This webpage is for engineering firms, contractors and subcontractors looking to work with local governments. Request for Qualifications (RFQs)/Request for Proposals (RFPs), Construction Bid Advertisements and Awarded Construction Bids can be found below under the three tabs. The person listed can be contacted with any questions or for additional information.
Location Type of Work Contact Information  Transmittal Date Due Date RFQ/RFP

Town of Farragut, Knox County
Provide Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) services during the Construction Phase of the Farragut Advanced Traffic Management System Phase 1 Project including a new centrally controlled signal system software, fiber optic interconnect, traffic signal upgrades, ADA upgrades, CCTV camera installation, and DSRC installation.  Brannon Tupper
Assistant Town Engineer
6/29/20  7/16/20  CEI 
City of Harriman, Roane County  Provide construction engineering and inspections (CEI) services related to construction of PIN: 125009.00, FPN: STP-M-9105 (23), SPN: 73LPLM-F3-032                        to improve roadway pavement and safety conditions along the segment of roadways of Various Streets within City of Harriman.  Kenneth Humphrey
6/26/20  7/17/20  CEI 

City of Martin, Weakley County
Sidewalks  Brad Thompson
Director MECD 
6/25/20  7/8/20 




City of Paris, Henry County  Intersection upgrades at Ruff Street, Washington Street, SR-54 (Wood Street) and Blythe Street.  They  will also include crosswalks, curb and gutter, signage, pavement markings, ADA upgrades and signal modifications. 

Kim Foster
City Manager

Jennifer Morris
Community Development Director


6/23/20  7/7/20  Design/CEI  
Union City, Obion County  Resurfacing (i.e. resurfacing, sidewalks, etc.)  Jason Moss
Public Works Directior 
6/16/20  7/8/20  Design/CEI 
Location Type of Work Contact Information Posted Date Bid Opening  Advertisement
Smyrna, Rutherford County  Streetscape Project along Lowry Street in downtown Smyrna including sidewalks, landscape beds, establishment of planted median in center turn lane at Washington Street, reduction of driveways, and replacement of crosswalk and pedestrian crossing elements. 

Charles N. King
Town Engineer
Town of Smyrna


07/07/20  07/30/20  Advertisement for Bids             
City of Winchester,
Franklin County 
Road Construction and Site Grading  Yvonne Stewart
City of Winchester
7 South High Street
Winchester, TN 37398
7/1/20  7/27/20   Advertisement for Bids            

Goodlettsville, Davidson and Sumner Counties
Traffic Signal Infrastructure, Curb Ramps, Fiber Optic Cable Installation, Pedestrian Infrastructure, Signing and Marking, and Traffic Control

City of Goodlettsville
Jeff McCormick

Engineer (Kimley-Horn)
Terrance Hill, P.E. (VA & GA)


7/1/20  8/5/20  Advertisement for Bids            

City of Rockwood, Roane County
The milling and resurfacing of various roads within the City of Rockwood in Roane County.

Mike Miller
Mayor of Rockwood
(865) 354-0611

Jason Siverling, P.E
Robert G. Campbell and Associates, L.P.
(865) 947-5996 

6/22/20  7/16/20  Advertisement for Bids           
Town of Atoka, Tipton County  Construction of a single-lane roundabout improvement at the intersection of S.R. 206 (Atoka-Idaville Rd.) and Rosemark Rd.  The work include grading, pavement reconstruction, drainage,erosion preventation and sedimentation control, pavement marking, signing, lighting, traffic control and other related work.  David Charville 
6/16/20  7/9/20 

Advertisement for Bids


Lenoir City Loudon County  Widening with sidewalk  Amber Scott 
6/10/20  7/9/20  Advertisement for Bids         
Bristol City Sullivan County Improvements to East Cedar Street from 5th Street to King College Road.  Scope of work includes Roadway grading, Drainage, Placement of Base Stone, Asphalt Paving, Curb and Gutter, Sidewalk, Signalization, Retaining Walls, Signing, and Pavement Markings.  The total project length is 1.190 miles.  Jacob Chandler
6/8/20 7/9/20

Advertisement for Bids


Memphis City Shelby County This project involves improvements to and the restoration of the historic Memphis Cobblestone Landing.  The project is located in Shelby County along the Wolf River Harbor in downtown Memphis, west of Riverside Drive, north of Beale Street Landing and south of Mississippi River Park.  The work consists of bank stabilization with excavation, embankment, and placement of articulating concrete block revetment system and riprap; removal of silt, vegetation, concrete and asphalt from the cobblestone field; filling of eroded and depressed areas of the cobblestones; installation of salvaged historic cobblestones and new tumbled concrete cobbles; repairing and restoring mooring. LeeWilson
6/4/20 7/15/20


Advertisement for Bids


Parkers Crossroads City
Henderson County
Asphalt pedestrian trail, installation of two precast restroom facilities with associated utilities.  Steve McDaniel
6/3/20 7/14/20

Advertisement for Bids


Location Type of Work Contact   Posted - Bid Opening Winning Contractor Bid Amount
Brownsville City
Haywood County 
The work to be done consists of milling and resurfacing, construct sidewalk and curb & gutter, repair sidewalk, pavement marking, pedestrian signal improvement, signage, traffic control and EPSC installation and maintenance.   Laurie Smith  12/19/19-1/15/20  Ford Construction  $424,189.75 
Humboldt City Gibson County  Demolition, sidewalk installation, curb & gutter, signs, lighting, pavement marking and drainage structures.   Michele Winslow  12/16/19-1/16/20  Martin Paving Company  $655,222.40 
Bartlett City Shelby County  Demolition, storm drainage system box bridges, construction of base and asphalt pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, erosion prevention and sediment control, pavement markings, signage and traffic control.   Heather Lewis  12/6/19-1/23/20 Ferrell Paving  $12,815,190.80 
Morristown City
Hamblen County  
The project includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Installation of flashing beacons, pavement markings, and roadway signage at twelve schools located throughout Hamblen and Jefferson Counties.   Jason Carder  1/2/20-1/27/20  Stansell Electric Company, Inc. $206,108.80 

 Maryville City Blount County 
Construction of traffic signal upgrades and connection to central signal system software project elements include fiber optic cable installation, cabinet installation, signal infrastructure, curb ramps,pedestrian infrastructure, striping, and traffic control.   Kevin Stoltenberg  12/6/19-1/28/20  Stansell Electric Company, Inc. $2,014,900.00 
Lawrenceburg City
Lawrence County  
TAP Project- sidewalks and other pedestrian improvements.   Will Owen  1/7/20-1/29/20  Doss Brothers $1,396,545.50 
Goodlettsville City Davidson & Sumner Counties    Signal infrastructure, curb ramps, fiber optic installation, pedestrian infrastructure, striping, traffic control.  

Greg Edrington

Terrance Hill  

12/16/19-2/4/20  Pending Concurrence   
Brownsville City
Haywood County  
Sidewalks   Mayor Bill Rawls  1/8/20-2/6/20  Martin Paving Company  $146,276.28 
Parsons City Decatur County   Sidewalk, landscaping, and lighting   Mayor Tim David Boaz  1/16/20-2/11/20  Graves & Graves Construction Co., Inc. $938,000.00 
Lebanon City
Wilson County  
Resurfacing   Regina Santana  1/10/20-2/12/20  BWI MTN II Inc dba Blue Water Industries for  $385,022.00 
Rockwood City
Roane County  
The milling and resurfacing of various roads within the City of Rockwood in Roane County  

Mike Miller


Jason Silverling


1/24/20-2/13/20  Pending Concurrence   
Chattanooga City Hamilton County  Common and borrow excavation, installation of new sidewalks, detached curbs, curb and gutter, handicap ramps, driveway aprons, erosion control, topsoil and seeding, and traffic control. Other elements may include demolition and removal of existing sidewalks, storm drainage, and other misc items as needed. All according to Tennessee Department of Transportation Standards. The project is located on Caine Lane, Chattanooga, TN and approximately 3200 feet long.   Debbie Talley  1/21/20-2/18/20  JD James Inc. dba Nature Bridges $1,739,921.13 
Chattanooga City Hamilton County  The project is located in Chattanooga, TN and is approximately 3100 feet long with 1472 10' wide roller compacted concrete path and 1600 12' wide boardwalk.   Debbie Talley  1/21/20-2/18/20  Adams Contracting LLC $647,921.00 
Loudon City Loudon County  Resurfacing with sidewalk repairs and retrofitted curb ramps at Highland Avenue between Carding Machine Road and US Hwy 11 (Mulberry Street).   Wesley Stokes  1/17/20-2/20/20  APAC-Atlantic, Inc. $192,771.00 
Norris City Anderson County   Sidewalks, intersection and pedestrian signal improvements.   Scott Hackler  1/23/20-2/25/20  Adams Contracting, LLC  $329,460.50 
Alcoa City
Blount County  
0.73 miles of roadway boulevard construction along new alignment and 4 greenway bridges.  

Shap Stiles

Megan Brooks 

2/10/20-3/3/20  Jones Bros. Contractors, LLC  $1,200,934.50
Germantown City Shelby County  This project involves widening of all approaches to the Wolf River Boulevard/ Germantown Road (S.R. 177) intersecion. Exisiting span wire signalized intersections within the limits of the project are to be replaced with mast arms.   Tim Gwaltney  2/21/20-3/5/20  Pending Concurrence   
Atoka City Tipton County  Construction of a +/- 1134 LF greenway.  

Debbie Pickard


Oliver Moore

2/10/20-3/5/20  Rose Construction $856,192.09 
Mt. Juliet City
Wilson County  
This project involves sidewalk improvements along Lebanon Road from Nonaville Road to Mt. Juliet Road in Mt. Juliet, TN. The project is approximately 1-mile long.   Jeremy Langford  2/19/20-3/17/20  Adam's Contracting LLC  $885,723.25 
Millington City
Shelby County 
The Navy Road Streetscape Phase 2-This project extends from U.S. 51 to west of Church Street. The project of resurfacing the roadway, replacing all driveway aprons and curb ramps to comply with PROWAG standards, and the replacement of the traffic signal at Nelson Road and Navy Road. Construction involves demolition, asphalt pavement, asphalt milling, curb and gutter, sidewalk, curb ramps, driveway aprons, erosion control, traffic control, traffic signals, pavement markings.  Jason Dixon 2/26/20-3/27/20 Pending Concurrence  
Millington City Shelby County The Navy Road Streetscape Phase 2 – This project extends from U.S. 51 to west of Church Street. The project consists of resurfacing the roadway, replacing all driveway aprons and curb ramps to comply with PROWAG standards, and the replacement of the traffic signal at Nelson Road and Navy Road. Construction involves demolition, asphalt pavement, asphalt milling, curb and gutter, sidewalk, curb ramps, driveway aprons, erosion control, traffic control, traffic signals, pavement markings.  Jason Dixon 3/20/30-4/10/20 Enscor LLC $1,357,090.85
Chattanooga City Hamilton County  This project shall consist of the milling and resurfacing of Bailey Avenue and a portion of Chestnut Street. This work will include but is not limited to intersection improvement, ADA ramp upgrades, traffic signal upgrades, guardrail upgrades and pavement marking.  Debbie Talley 2/24/20-4/14/20 Pending Concurrence  
Alcoa City Blount County Roadway, Drainage, Bridge, Signal, Lighting, and Greenway. Shap Stiles
Megan Brooks
4/14/20-5/6/20 Jones Bros. Contractors, LLC $7,787,789.82 
Smyrna City Rutherford County Phase I and II of the Intelligent Transportation System Project, which includes the installation of the fiber optic line to integrate traffic lights along SR 266, SR 102, Hwy 41, Enon Springs Road, Old Nashville Hwy, and Rocks Springs Road Thomas Rose 4/14/20-5/7/20 Pending  Concurrence  
Newport City Cocke County Resurfacing project involves the cold milling of the existing surface between the curb and gutter lines to a depth of 1.5 inches. Subsurface failures along the route will be addressed with standard TDOT repair methods of saw-cutting of the existing pavement, removal of the substandard material, and replacement with appropriate graded aggregate, aspalt base and surface material. The route will then be resurfaced with 1.5 inches of Asphalt Surface Material (PG 64-22). All material used in the project will be installed per the latest edition of the TDOT Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.  Gary Carver
Dean W. Helstrom
3/4/20-5/7/20 Newport Paving Company,INC  $341,669.71 
Steve Brigance 4/15/20-5/14/20 Pending Concurrence  
Bean Station City Grainger County Sidewalks. Joseph Parrott 4/24/20-5/21/20 Pending Concurrence  
Millington City Shelby County Removal and replacement of the Raleigh- Millington Bridge over Big Creek in Millington TN. Jason Dixon 4/27/20-5/22/20 Dement Construction $4,295,072.15 
Millington City Shelby County The Raleigh Millington Road at SR-385 intersection improvement project involves widening Raleigh Millington to accommodate an extension to the existing sounthbound left turn lane. Project includes drainage, asphalt pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, pavement markings and traffic control. All work is to take place within existing Right-of-Way. The total project length is approximately 0.178 miles. Jason Dixon 4/30/20-5/25/20 Pending Concurrence  
Franklin City Williamson County Installation of vehicle detection system(s) for the implementation of adaptive traffic signal control in the Cool Springs area of Franklin, TN.  The project also includes minor erosion & sediment control and traffic control. Adam Moser  4/28/20-5/27/20 Stansell Electric Company, Inc $743,157.00
Millington City Shelby County The proposed project consists of the installation of interconnect cable an conduit connecting two signalized intersections to the existing ITS  system and the installation of a new mast arm traffic signal at the intersection of Wilkinsville Road and West Union Road Jason Dixon 5/6/20-5/29/20 McCrory Electric Company $775,492.82 
Clarksville City Montgomery County Grading, Paving, Signing, Striping and Utility Construction for the widening of Rossview Road, from near Cardinal Lane to near I-24 in Montgomery County. Chris Cowan 5/5/20-6/2/20 Parchman Construction Company, Inc. $4,496,763.03 
Gatlinburg City Sevier County  Spot improvements at six (6) mid-block crosswalks and construction of a new transit shelter along US-321 in Gatlinburg.  Work includes grading, drainage, sidewalks, ADA ramps, curbing, striping, signs, and transit shelter.  Larry Henderson
5/20/20-6/11/20  Pending  Concurrence    
Kingport City, Sullivan County  Construction of approximately 1.7 miles of 5" wide sidewalk. Sidewalk will be constructed along SR-1/US 11-W (Stone Drive) in Kingsport, TN. Work will begin 450 feet west of Pinebrook Drive and continues to Bloomingdale Pike.  Also included in the scope of work is retaining walls, at several culvert crossings, installation of bus shelters, modification to a traffic signal, and resurfacing of commerical driveways.  Tim Elsea  5/18/20-6/17/20  Summers-Taylo, Inc




Chattanooga City, Hamilton County  This project shall consist of the miling and resurfacing of Bailey Avenue and a portion of Chesnut Street.  This work will include but is  not limited to intersection improvement, ADA ramp upgrades, traffic signal upgrades, and pavement marking.  Debbie Talley
5/29/20-6/25/20  Pending Concurrence   

Red Bank City, Hamilton County
This project involves the construction of sidewalks, ramps, and modified or new drainage features to accommodate the sidewalks in accordance with the plans, pavement striping and driveway apron modifications are included in the plans, the project is situated in Red Bank, TN along Dayton Blvd. from West Newberry Street to Greenleaf Street and along Ashland Terrace from Tacoma Avenue to Knollwood Drive. Total Project Length is 0.44 mile.  Fritz Brogdon  5/28/20-6/26/20  Pending Concurrence   

Huntingdon City,
Carroll County 
Phase I and Phase II Safe Routes to School sidewalk construction project along Clark Street from E. Paris Street to Browning Avenue including stormwater drainage piping, ADA ramps, curb and gutter, handrails, crosswalks, and signage. Phase I is 1,176 LF and Phase II is 1,215 LF.  Angelia Howard  5/28/20-6/29/20  Pending Concurrence   


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