Performance Based Maintenance Contracts

Notice of Intent to Award

Region 3 North - Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc.

Region 3 South - Webber Infrastructure Management, Inc.

A performance based maintenance contract, PBMC, in which a contractor will perform all activities associated with highway drainage, structures, roadside vegetation, traffic services, emergency response, and assist with incident management activities.  These Comprehensive Maintenance Services shall include the management and performance of maintenance and repair activities of the interstate highways in Region 3 including all ramps, collector/distributor ramps and frontage roads, bridges, and all roadway appurtenances within the right of way.

Amendments to RFP

Amendment 1 - Round 1 of State's Response to Questions and Comments

Amendment 2 - Update to the RFP Schedule of Events

Amendment 3 - State's Respones to Questions and Comments, Updates to the RFP, SOS and ProForma Contract

Amendment 4 - Update to the RFP Schedule of Events and Bid Bond Form

Bid Bond Form Release 2

Amendment 5 - Updated location for presentations

Amendment 6 - Update to the RFP Schedule of Events

Helpful Links and Reference Documents

TDOT Open Roads Policy

TDOT Work Zone Field Manual for Maintenance Operations

TDOT Region 3 Interstate Incident Management Plan

Region 3 Attenuator Repair History

Bridge Inventory and Appraisal Reports

Statewide Work Request - This data is STATEWIDE and will have to be filtered for the specific area you are interested in and covers 10/1/21 through 10/23/23.

MQA Map with failure photos.  Updated 11/21/23

Pre-Response Meeting Power Point Presentation

Pre-Response Meeting Sign in Sheet

Signs to be replaced under current contract CNX313 on Region 3 interstates can be found here.

Industry Forum Power Point Presentation

Industry Forum Sign in Sheet

Link to TDOT Materials and Tests Qualified Products List (QPL)

Link to TDOT Materials and Tests Producer List

Link to MQA baseline data

Link to GIS Map of Asset Inventory.  This is a zip file, PBMC Region 3 data (symbology), due to it's large size, please download to view.

TDOT MQA Field Manual - Updated 10/11/23

Region 3 Lane Blockage Summary