Ferry Services

*The Houston-Benton Ferry is temporarily out of service for engine repairs. The tugboat is running. Please call ahead to check availability.*

The State of Tennessee is responsible for the operation of two ferries:

  • The Benton-Houston ferry runs across the Tennessee River between Benton and Houston Counties. It’s located approximately 2.35 miles west of McKinnon in Houston County on State Route 147. 
    • For Inquiries regarding the operation status of the Benton-Houston ferry please call the number below:
           Phone: 931.721.2776
           Cell: 931.249.0831
  • The Cumberland City Ferry operates across the Cumberland River. It’s located in Cumberland City on State Route 46 in Stewart County.
    • For Inquiries regarding the Operation status of the Cumberland City ferry please call the number below:
           Phone: 931.827.2322


The ferries (tugs and barges) are owned by the State of Tennessee and operated by River Marine Service, Inc., located in Clarksville, Tennessee. The contractor operates the ferries 365 days per year. Captains and deckhands have the required state, federal and USCG certifications and licenses to perform their duties.


Monday thru Friday - 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time

Saturday and Sunday - 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time


The Benton-Houston Ferry on a river shown with
4(four) cars loaded on it. A man is opening the gate on the ferry to let the cars off. 


Automobile, passengers and driver $1.00  
Automobile trailer in county $0.75  
Automobile trailer out of county $1.50  
Person, each on foot $0.50  
Truck or bus (under 1 ton capacity) $1.00  
Truck or bus (over 1 ton capacity) $4.00  
Truck trailer or bus trailer (fee in addition to towing vehicle) $3.00  
Motorcycle and driver in county $0.75  
Motorcycle and driver out of county $1.00  
At Benton-Houston Ferry residents of Houston, Benton, Stewart and Henry Counties $0.75  
At Cumberland City residents of Montgomery, Stewart and Houston Counties $0.75  
*All official government vehicles are exempt from paying any crossing fee.