Central Services Division Staff

James K. Polk Building, Suite 800
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone 615.253.8818
Fax 615.741.8993

Justin Underwood
Central Services Director
Phone: 615.253.8813
Email: Justin.Underwood@tn.gov

Administrative Services  
Supply Chain: Procurement/Inventory, Control/Fleet, Utilization/Specifications  
Richard E. Vaughn, Jr. Phone: 615.507.6777
Email: Richard.Vaughn@tn.gov
Robert D. Taylor Phone: 615.253.1462 
Email: Robert.D.Taylor@tn.gov 
Nelson Christianson                                                Phone: 615.741.3148
Email: Nelson.Christianson@tn.gov
Oversize & Overweight Permits: Issues Special Permits for Over Dimensional & Overweight Loads  
Henry K. Bayiye Phone: 615.741.3821
Email: Henry.K.Bayiye@tn.gov
Paul Escue Phone: 615.741.3821
Email: Paul.Escue@tn.gov
Regina Kent   Phone: 615.741.3821
Email: Regina.Kent@tn.gov
Jon Bowman Phone: 615.741.3821
Email: Jon.Bowman@tn.gov
Amanda Ney Phone: 615.741.3821
Email: Amanda.Ney@tn.gov
Timothy Guinn Phone: 615.741.3821
Email: Timothy.Guinn@tn.gov
Records Management: Facilitates the Assurance of TDOT Public Records  
Richard E. Vaughn, Jr.
Phone: 615.507.6777
Email: Richard.Vaughn@tn.gov
Joseph Brown Phone: 615.741.3862 
Email: Joseph.Martin.Brown@tn.gov
Motor Pool: Operates Fleet of Vehicles for TDOT Headquarters Employees  
Gus Guy Phone: 615.741.1895
Email: Gus.Guy@tn.gov
Facilities Management (James K. Polk Building): Facilitates Insurance of Tenant Word Request  
Nelson Christianson Phone: 615.741.3148
Email: Nelson.Christianson@tn.gov
Surplus Property: Coordinates Removal/Disposal/Sale of Surplus Property and Equipment  
Robert D. Taylor Phone: 615.253.1462
Email: Robert.D.Taylor@tn.gov
Nelson Christianson Phone: 615.741.3148
Email: Nelson.Christianson@tn.gov
Copy Center: High Capacity Print Production and Scanning   
Richard E. Vaughn, Jr. Phone: 615.507.6777
Email: Richard.Vaughn@tn.gov
Jay Stinson Phone: 615.741.1822
Email: Jay.Stinson@tn.gov
Teresa Gillaspie Phone: 615.741.0735
Email: Teresa.Gillaspie@tn.gov