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December 2018

Public Meeting Notice


Tab 1 - Minutes of September 2018 Meeting

Tab 2 - Commission and Staff Update

Tab 3 - House Bill 971/Senate Bill 1075 (Local Revenue and Services—Panel

  • Memo to Commission
  • Panel
    • David Gerregano, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Revenue
    • Donald Bruce, Professor, Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research and Department of Economics
    • Scott Peterson, Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Relations, Avalara

Tab 4 - Election Study Update—Information Presentation

Tab 5 - Public Chapter 179, Acts of 2017 (Boat Titling)—Update

Tab 6 - Public Chapter 849, Acts of 2018 (Statutes of Limitation)—Final Report for Approval

Tab 7 - Public Chapter 693, Acts of 2018 (Excess Property)—Draft Report for Review and Comment

Tab 8 - Public Chapter 795, Acts of 2018 (Food Deserts)—Draft Report for Review and Comment

Tab 9 - Cord Cutting and Local Government Revenue—Update and Guest Speaker