January 2018

Public Meeting Notice


Tab 1 - Minutes of December 2017 Meeting

Tab 2 -  Commission and Staff Update

Tab 3 - Public Chapter 179, Acts of 2017 (Boat Titling)—Final Report for Approval

Tab 4 - Public Chapter 431, Acts of 2017 (Ad Valorem Payments in Lieu of Taxes)—Final Report for Approval

Tab 5 - Tennessee Valley Authority Payments in Lieu of Taxes—Annual Report for Approval

Tab 6 - Annual Report on Tennessee's Public Infrastructure Needs—Final Report for Approval

Tab 7 - Ad Valorem Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT):  Addressing Accountability and Transparency—Information Presentation

  • Memo to Commission
  • Presentation - Lynne Holliday, TACIR Senior Research Consultant and Matthew Wilshire, Director, Nashville Mayor's Office of Economic and Community Development