TACIR Insight

For select reports, TACIR staff prepares one-page summaries, TACIR Insight, capturing the main findings and recommendations.

Tennessee Valley Authority's Payments in Lieu of Taxes:  Annual Report to the General Assembly - January 2023

Comprehensive Litter Review:  Strengthening and Coordinating Efforts to Reduce Litter and Illegal Dumping - January 2023

Savings and Challenges with Reference-Based Pricing in Healthcare - January 2023

Electric Vehicles and Other issues Affecting Road and Highway Funding in Tennessee - December 2022

Incremental Improvements to Tennessee's Childhood Obesity Problem are Possible - December 2022

Managing Tennessee's Public Waterways for Recreation:  Balancing Access, Safety, and Protection of Natural Resources - December 2022

State Grants to Local Governments:  Improving the Post-Award Phase So Funding May Be More Effectively Utilized - December 2022

Both Businesses and Local Governments Could Benefit from Improvements to Tennessee's Personal Property Tax - December 2022

Dedications along Existing Public Rights-of-Way, Balancing Property Rights with Local Authority over Land Use Regulation -  June 2022

Tennessee Valley Authority's Payments in Lieu of Taxes:  Annual Report to the General Assembly - January 2022

Expanding Opportunities for State Contracting through Enhanced Data Collection and Reporting - January 2022

Exploring the Feasibility of a Gold Depository in Tennessee - December 2021

Tennessee Valley Authority's Payments in Lieu of Taxes:  Annual Report to the General Assembly - January 2021

Broadband Internet Deployment, Availability, and Adoption in Tennessee Four Years After the Broadband Accessibility Act (Public Chapter 228, Acts of 2017) - January 2021

Small Cell Wireless Facilities and Public Rights-of-Way:  Assessing the Effects of Public Chapter 819, Acts of 2018 - December 2020

Cost Savings of Right to Shop Programs - December 2020

Effects of Sharing of Resources among School Systems in counties with More than one School System - December 2020

Services Provided by Local Governments and the Sources of Revenue to Fund Them - December 2020

Collaborating to Improve Community Resiliency to Natural Disasters - September 2020

K-12 Public Education Funding and Services - January 2020

Closing Gaps in Tennessee's Waste Tire Program and Giving Local Governments More Flexibility to Prevent Illegal Tire Dumping - January 2020

Improving Victim Safety with Global Positioning System (GPS) Monitoring as a Condition of Release for Defendants Accused of Domestic Violence - January 2020

e-Procurement by Local Governments in Tennessee - January 2020

Public Chapter 1101 - The Tennessee Growth Policy Act - December 2019

Cord Cutting and Local Government Revenue in Tennessee - September 2019

Consolidation of Municipal Elections in Tennessee - September 2019

Shipper's Credit to Franchise and  Excise Taxes in Tennessee - September 2019

Improving Management of Government-Owned Real Property in Tennessee - January 2019

Refining Tennessee's Criminal Statutes of Limitations - December 2018