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Staff Directory

Office of the Executive Director  
Cliff Lippard, Ph.D. Executive Director 
Melissa Brown, M.Ed. Deputy Executive Director 
Michael Timme, M.B.A. Director of Administration 
Matthew Owen, Ph.D. Policy Coordinator 
April Scivally, B.S. Office Manager 
Mark Patterson, B.A. Information Systems Manager 
Teresa Gibson Web Development and Publications Manager 
Research Staff  
Leah Eldridge, J.D. Senior Research Manager 
David W. Lewis, M.A. Research Manager 
Mark McAdoo, DBA Research Manager 
Jennifer Barrie, M.S. Senior Research Associate 
Tyler Carpenter, M.P.A. Senior Research Associate
Dave Keiser, M.A. Senior Research Associate
Bob Moreo, M.Arch Senior Research Associate
Michael Mount, M.A. Senior Research Associate
Rabia Chaudhry, M.P.A., M.S. Research Associate
Emma Johnson, J.D. Research Associate
Kevin Vanzant, Ph.D. Research Associate
Senior Research Consultants  
Stan Chervin, Ph.D.  
Lynne Holliday, M.S.  
Chris Klein, Ph.D.  
Bill Terry, M.A., FAICP  
Senior Public Policy Consultant   
Lynnisse Roehrich-Patrick, J.D.