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TACIR's next meeting is scheduled for May 13-14, 2020 in Nashville

Issues Studied

The TACIR has demonstrated a remarkable continuity from year-to-year with respect to the intergovernmental policy matters it has considered. While TACIR’s latest publications can be viewed and printed via the TACIR Publications Page, the major focus of TACIR’s research in recent years is listed below.

  • Broadband deployment, availability, and adoption
  • Education financing and accountability
  • Fiscal federalism
  • Government modernization
  • Public infrastructure needs
  • Growth policy under Public Chapter 1101
  • State and local tax issues
  • Local government tort liability
  • Emergency communications (E-911)
  • Annexation and consolidation
  • Property assessment
  • Population

The complexity of issues before the TACIR, and the diversity of perspectives with respect to these issues, necessitates extensive study and deliberation. Furthermore, when recommendations are adopted, it may take years to build sufficient consensus to pass legislation resolving the problem.

In general, the TACIR demonstrates tremendous continuity; yet federal, state, or local exigencies often direct the attention of the Commission to critical policy matters not originally included in the work program. The Commission discusses current and new matters during its four annual meetings, and alters the work program and research efforts accordingly. New policy matters that capture the attention of the Commission have varying origins. New issues are sometimes generated internally through the initiative of members, yet at other times issues are generated externally. External factors include citizen concern, intergovernmental conflict, and state or local agency requests; but most often new matters are placed before the Commission by the General Assembly. Legislative requests typically come in the form of a directive that TACIR study a particular policy matter.