Consisting of public officials from state and local government and private citizen members, the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR) "serves as a forum for the discussion and resolution of intergovernmental problems." The 25 members of the TACIR capture the richness and diversity of perspectives of private citizens and officials representing different branches and levels of government. Of the 25 member Commission, 22 members are appointed to four year terms, while three are statutory members holding membership by virtue of their position.

Responsibility for the appointment of four state senators and four state representatives rests with the Speaker of each respective chamber of the Tennessee General Assembly. Other appointments to the Commission include four elected county officials, one official nominated by the County Officials Association of Tennessee, four elected city officials, one development district nominee, two private citizens, and two executive branch officials. Statutory members include the chairs of the House and Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committees; and the Comptroller of the Treasury. In total, 10 members have local government as their primary affiliation; 11 represent the legislature; two are drawn from the executive branch; and two are private citizens.