Tennessee County Growth Plans

Public Chapter 1101 requires all Tennessee counties and their associated municipalities to develop countywide growth plans except counties with metropolitan governments. Plans are developed and recommended by coordinating committees and submitted to county commissions and the governing bodies of the municipalities within counties. Counties and municipalities may either reject or ratify those plans. Ratified plans are submitted to the Local Government Planning Advisory Committee (LGPAC), housed in the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, for approval. The plans establish Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs) for municipalities. They may also establish Planned Growth Areas (PGAs) and Rural Areas (RAs) outside those boundaries. County and municipal governments may declare an impasse and have plan conflicts resolved by the Secretary of the State's Office. Once adopted, the growth plans, which are based on 20-year growth projections, do not expire but may be revised following the same process that created them.  Click on this link for a fact sheet on the current status of the Tennessee Growth Policy Act (Public Chapter 1101, Acts of 1998.

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