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Pupil Transportation


The Pupil Transportation Section ensures that school children throughout the state are transported safely to and from school. Currently, there are approximately 8,700 school buses in operation in the State of Tennessee. This section is responsible for overseeing all school bus inspections and determining whether public school bus systems are in compliance with the safety requirements set forth in the Tennessee Code. Pupil Transportation duties are accomplished through five primary areas: Bus Driver Training, Bus Inspection, Records Administration, Child Care Vehicle Inspection, and Child Care Driver Training.

Each year, the Pupil Transportation Section provides mandatory four-hour school bus driver training sessions to all individuals who have a school bus driver license endorsement. Following each training session, a test is given to all attendees. At this training session, all CDLs are verified to ensure that they have not been suspended or revoked. The results are maintained electronically by this section. Certificate of Training Awards are completed as proof of attendance. Downgrades are conducted whereby the school bus endorsement is removed from a driver license for failure to attend a training session. Upon being downgraded, a letter is generated and sent to the CDL holder for whom the S endorsement has been removed.

School buses may receive several inspections. School bus inspectors conduct annual and follow-up inspections on school buses in all school systems throughout the state during the school year. Extended utilization inspections are conducted and continued until the bus has been removed from service. Spot checks are conducted throughout the school year. These inspections are conducted randomly to ensure that buses are being properly maintained.

Complimentary inspections are conducted upon request from any non-school entities. These inspections are worked into the inspectors’ schedules, as time permits.

During the 2013-2014 school year, school bus inspections were conducted in 137 systems statewide (this does not include complimentary inspections). As a result of these inspections, non-compliant school buses were placed out-of-service. Ninety-nine percent of all buses placed out of service were re-inspected within 30 days and cleared for safe operation.

For the Motorist Violation Report, download the PDF.


2019-2020 In-Service Training Manual

This manual will be distributed at all 2019-2020 in service training sessions.

Please click here to download the PDF. New

Contact Information
Sergeant Curley Jackson
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Davis Quad 3
1228 Foster Ave
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 743-4970

Narmin Faltas, Administrative Secretary
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Davis Quad 3
1228 Foster Ave
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 743-4981

PAAMS System

The Pupil Transportation Section has implemented the new PAAMS inspection system. This system has combined the inspections and child care. All bus information must now be electronically submitted through the PAAMS system. Access will be granted to school systems, bus owners/contractors, and day cares. The school systems that have elected to manage all the buses for their schools will be responsible for all submissions for that school system and access will not be granted to any bus owners/contractors within that school system.

Requesting Access to the PAAMS System

In order to request access to the PAAMS system, the user will need to send an e-mail with their name, the name of their school system/day care, and their contact information to Once this information is received, the Pupil Transportation Section will send a reply with a link to set up an account, the link for the bus inspection site, and two attachments explaining the process for setting up an account.

Adding New Buses to the PAAMS System

All new buses must be submitted electronically through the PAAMS system by the school system, bus owner/contractor, or day care. Once the bus information has been electronically submitted, the user must e-mail a copy of one of the following to

Certificate of Origin
Original Title
Tennessee Title
Tennessee Registration

These documents are required in order to verify all information that has been submitted. If these forms are not e-mailed to the above account, the Pupil Transportation Section cannot approve a bus for use. Once a bus has been approved for use, the bus will appear in the inspector’s queue informing them that an inspection is required.

Request for Utilization

Instructions and Necessary Forms for Extended Utilization

All requests for extended utilization are now processed electronically through the PAAMS system.

Once a bus reaches its 16th year of use as determined by the in service date, it will automatically appear in the Extended Utilization window of the user’s PAAMS account. At this time, the user should request extended utilization for the bus through this window. This will automatically put the bus out for approval for extended utilization. Also at this time, the extended utilization form will automatically generate.

The Extended Utilization form that is automatically generated by the system appears as follows:



The user should ensure that all information on the form is correct and should submit the form along with payment (check, money order or cashier’s check) of $385.00 for one inspection or $770 for two inspections to the Department of Safety’s Cashier’s Office.

Cashier’s Office
P.O. Box 24589
Nashville, TN 37202

All payments must be processed through the Cashier’s Office. The Pupil Transportation Section is not authorized to accept any payments. Once the Pupil Transportation Section has received a receipt of payment from the Cashier’s Office, the request will be approved and made available for inspection.

Please contact the Pupil Transportation Section if one of the following situations arises:

  1. When entering a new bus, an error message appears stating that the bus is already in the system.
  2. A change to the tag number or bus number is required.
  3. The manufacturer or owner of the bus is not listed.
  4. The VIN number, in service date or body build date is incorrect as listed.

Please contact the Department of Safety Help Desk at (629) 888-5870 or 1-888-890-8183 if one of the following situations arises:

  1. The individual originally granted access to the system vacates their position and another individual requires access.
  2. Any issues with forgotten passwords or user names.
  3. The user has been locked out of the system.

Trooper Dale Cole - Pupil Transportation
865-368-5713 Office
E-mail Trooper Cole

Trooper Chris Jarnigan - Pupil Transportation
865-206-6251 Office
E-mail Trooper Jarnigan

Trooper John Pedigo - Pupil Transportation
865-202-6164 Office
E-mail Trooper Pedigo

Trooper Chuck Melhorn - Pupil Transportation
423-309-3120 Office
E-mail Trooper Melhorn

Trooper Johnny X. Anderson - Pupil Transportation
615-499-1632 Office
E-mail Trooper Johnny

Trooper Michael Baker - Pupil Transportation
615-499-1813 Office
E-mail Trooper Baker

Trooper Dana Vann - Pupil Tranportation
615-815-6587 Office
E-mail Trooper Vann

Trooper Rick Vien - Pupil Transportation
615-815-6506 Office
E-mail Trooper Vien

Trooper Keith Franks - Pupil Transportation
615-815-6536 Office
E-mail Trooper Franks

Trooper J.V. Johnson - Pupil Tranportation
901-201-8186 Office
E-mail Trooper Johnson

Trooper Todd Yelverton - Pupil Tranportation
615-815-6512 Office
E-mail Trooper Yelverton

Vernon Thomas - Pupil Transportation
423-612-1168 Office
E-mail Vernon Thomas

Trooper Robert Wills - Pupil Transportation
615-815-6662 Office
E-mail Trooper Wills

Trooper Craig Wilkerson - Pupil Transportation
615-854-6809 Office
E-mail Trooper Wilkerson

Trooper Darryl Winningham - Pupil Transportation
931-239-3597 Office
E-mail Trooper Winningham

Trooper William Alvarez - Pupil Transportation
615-815-6723 Office
E-mail Trooper Alvarez

Trooper Allison Allred - Pupil Transportation
615-487-1156 Office
E-mail Trooper Allred

L.D. Sims - Pupil Transportation
731-225-3444 Office
E-mail L.D. Sims

Trooper Jimmy Plunk - Pupil Transportation
E-mail Trooper Plunk