Mutual Aid and Statewide Interoperability Talkgroups 

Mutual Aid Talkgroups - designated for Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire for emergency (ad hoc) use and short-term planned events communications between multiple agencies. Users should verify availability of Mutual Aid talkgroups with their primary dispatch. They are statewide but usually assigned by THP District/region (described below).

Statewide Interop Talkgroups - designated for multi-jurisdiction/discipline coordination of planned events. Submit requests for use no less than one week in advance to: TN.SWIC@TN.GOV. Radios previously programmed as TVRCS C Bank are now in use as the Statewide Interop Zone (described below, with previously corresponding C Bank names for reference).

TN CALL Talkgroup - a monitored 24/7 hailing channel for requesting assistance or channel assignment as needed.




Dist. 1 Knoxville: Mutual Aid 4, 5, 6

Dist. 2 Chattanooga: Mutual Aid 1, 2, 3

Dist. 3 Nashville: Mutual Aid 13, 14, 15

Dist. 4 Memphis: Mutual Aid 22, 23, 24

Dist. 5 Fall Branch: Mutual Aid 7, 8, 9

Dist. 6 Cookeville: Mutual Aid 10, 11, 12

Dist. 7 Lawrenceburg: Mutual Aid 16, 17, 18

Dist. 8 Jackson: Mutual Aid 19, 20, 21

           TN Interop (Previously C-Bank)
East: Districts 1, 2, 5, 6 2. TN IO 1 2TNDIST3
5. TN IO 4 1NWGA
6. TN IO 5 2NWGA
7. TN IO 6 3NWGA
8. TN IO 7 4NWGA
West: Districts 3, 4, 7, 8 10. TN IO 9 2TNDIST2
11. TN IO 10 3TNDIST2
12. TN IO 11 4TNDIST2
13. TN IO 12 1ZONE1
14. TN IO 13 2ZONE1
15. TN IO 14 3ZONE1
16. TN IO 15 4ZONE1

PSAP Talkgroups

TACN provides free access for Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) talkgroups. Using a TACN PSAP talkgroup, any public safety dispatch, including law enforcement, fire, and EMS, can communicate with their officers in the field and any other agency that has access to the talkgroup.

TACN’s PSAP talkgroups are an alternative to using an intercity channel or telephone. Unlike intercity channels, which are reserved for law enforcement dispatches, TACN PSAP talkgroups can serve local, state, and federal first responder dispatches. Talkgroups are P-25 Phase I (FDMA), unencrypted and cover specific regions of the state. Dispatches can access multiple TACN PSAP talk groups.

PSAP Talkgroup Requirements:

  • Low power P-25 Phase I trunked capable radio or consolette - low gain antenna at 20’ or less in height to affiliate to the nearest TACN tower site.
  • Talkgroups can be programmed into any mobile command vehicles or mobile communications vehicles.
  • Several manufacturers provide radios that work on the TACN system, including Kenwood, Harris, Tait, E.F. Johnson, and Motorola.
  • TACN can provide the state system radio programming for free. A local radio shop can provide the radio and any installation and configuration to a console system. TACN can work with your local radio shop to ensure the installation is completed and operational.

Contact TACN administration to determine which is best for your agency.

PSAP Talkgroup Map


Tennessee Highway Patrol District 1 Counties use PSAP-2 

Tennessee Highway Patrol District 2 Counties use PSAP-1

Tennessee Highway Patrol District 3 & 7 Counties use PSAP-5 (Middle TN)

Tennessee Highway Patrol District 4 & 8 Counties use PSAP-7 (West TN)

Tennessee Highway Patrol District 5 Counties use PSAP-3

Tennessee Highway Patrol District 6 Counties use PSAP-4